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Love It or Leave It: Evangeline Lilly’s Brown Satin Jumper

May 11, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress EVANGELINE LILLY attends the premiere of the Rolling Stones new documentary 'Stones In Exile' held the Museum of Modern Art. © Red Carpet Pictures

Evangeline Lilly was snapped at last night’s premiere of Stones in Exile in New York City wearing what one could only describe as Blanche Devereaux‘s full-lengthy exercise romper.

I think satin’s pretty gross. I think that brown satin might be even worse. However, the chunky heels coupled with the tapered-ankle, brown satin jumper is just murder and the idea of gouging my eyes out with a hot spoon is sounding pretty damned appealing right about now.

Love it or leave it? More like rip the shit off, douse it with turpentine, find hallowed ground and bury the thing … but only after you set it on fire in sacrifice to the cruel, cruel god that made Evangeline Lilly think it would be okay to ever — ever! — go out in public in such a putrid ensemble.

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  • Pass the eyebleach please.

    Why must we recycle the worst fashions of the past? This is an item that never should have been invented, never mind brought back from the 70’s and recycled into this brown satin monstrosity.

    Seriously fashion designers – if a lovely in-fantastic-shape woman can’t pull off an item, it’s not meant to be.

    Now can we take this thing and burn it? While we’re at it, can we also add all the acid wash *shudder* that’s been slowly creeping back into view to the pile too?

  • Strapless garments that need constant adjustment look ill-fitting and uncomfortable. How can you relax when your top is held up by a mere strip of elastic. “oh hey, my boobs could come flying out of my top with the slightest wrong move!”

    I love the strapless look, but personally I need a tight fit up top so I am not constantly tugging and checking my outfit.

    The bottom of the outfit is hideous and makes her look large, which she definitely is not.

  • Evangeline could wear a garbage bag full of aids and she would still be hot. Keep keep keep…

    • i agree.. I saw her in Paris, she was promoting “Afterwards”.. I got really close to her, and this woman is annoyingly perfect! I mean… Skin, hair, body. She’s beautiful.

  • I LOVE HER. I think she’s a great actress and a good person all around. I’m not crazy about what she’s wearing, but as Maddog said, she could wear the worst outfit in the world and still look better than 98% of the human population.

  • She is a damn fine actress. I just hope that Kate’s storyline is wrapped up in an interesting way! Her story has been nil this season! Oh, and the jumpsuit is hideous.

  • hideous; plus lost sucks and i don’t think she’s a very good actress.

    i guess that about covers it.

  • Pretty sure she wore the same thing on Jimmy Fallon last week. It was awful then and is awful now. Even the most beautiful people cannot save the worst fashion ideas.