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Did These Girls Get Dancing Lessons From Noah Cyrus?

There’s been a video making the rounds of these young girls doing an absolutely mind-blowing dance routine to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and it’s an absolute must-see. The video’s not embeddable for some cruel reason so click here to watch.

There’s a few noteworthy things about this video. First of all, the dancing is unreal. These little girls are SKILLED. Every single one of my girlfriends and I are cursing our parents for not enrolling us in dance when we were younger after seeing this video. What you also can’t help but notice? These girls are dressed like baby whores. A bustier, hotpants and kneesocks is arguably one of the most inappropriate outfits a little girl could be wearing, and yet they’re all wearing them and freak dancing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s actually a shame that such a talented group of little girls are overshadowed by a wardrobe choice that most certainly wasn’t theirs (The little blond girl who’s in the middle at 1:45 changed my life with her moves, I think.)

So here’s my question to you: Does the talent of these little girls overpower the outfits or is the skank-vibe hogging all the attention?

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  • To answer your last question, no, it doesn’t. It’s a disgusting display and they should all be taken away from their sick, twisted parents by Social Services. So much much for the innocence of youth. Little girls dressed up and dancing like Vegas strippers — just what the f*** is the world coming to?

    • I think everyone is going way overboard here. Honestly I think that in North America there is a huge problem with pedophiles and as a result people are terrified that a harmless dance performance is going to get some innocent little girls sexually assaulted. Pedophiles do not need a dance routine to encourage them to sexually assault children. I remember when I moved to Canada from Jamaica and I was 8 years old and we had music going in our house and I was dancing and a friend of my parents was horrified and thought it was completely inappropriate. I think the carribbean dance hall style that we have at carnivals or Saturday parties where kids and adults dance is pretty similar to this. I actually had two piece costumes when I was 8. In a dance competition I did wear stuff like this. However my parents never sent me out of the house to go to school dressed like this. I was actually dancing with a Haitian friend of mine at a work party, and later on found out that some co-workers thought that since the dance was so heated (in their opinion) that we were an item. You do what the music says- Jump up and wine and Wukk it up… all good Caribbean fun. Dance can just be fun. When you are that young, you don;t fully understand song lyrics, you don’t know anything about sex and as a result it does not taint you. My niece is four and loves Caribbean music and we take her to caribana every year and she doesnt have a clue what any of the lyrics mean or what certain dance moves may imply. I dont see Child Protective Services showing up to Caribana every year and taking all the children away whose parents bring them.

      I found a video of an American kiddies carnival. There are lots on youtube.

      • there is more to it than that.
        the fact is young girls (children in general) are losing their childhood and being exposed to more overt and subtle marketing that is shaping how they see themselves and how they allow others to treat them.

        With your argument you are assuming that kids who are exposed to things above their understanding will not be effected by it.

        That logic could excuse many despicable things that parents expose their children to. I’ve seen young kids exposed to porn, horror movies and mtv – it does shape their thinking and their future actions.

        Your experience seems mild to what this video implies not just about these parents, but about society. A huge crowd sat there and loved it, encouraged it and was not sad for these little girls dancing like strippers.

        I personally do not allow my daughters to listen to the radio, why would i want to have their opinions about themselves and sexuality shaped by Luda or Ciara???

        My kids don’t watch mtv, don’t have facebook and enjoy a childhood free from a good portion of the media. They do excellent in school and enjoy playing outside, reading quality books and using their imaginations.

        Parents have gotten lazy and irresponsible, they often act like they have no ability protect their kids from stuff like this.

        For me it is not just about these children, this dance, or the parents it is about a greater issue- the fact that these parents are comfortable with this which means there is a sector of society that makes that possible.

      • played outside TONS

        I was watching Ren & Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life (both of these have innuendos out the ass) by third grade, and started watching Beavis and Butthead, South Park and MTV in fifth.

        What I watched as a child has had no negative effect on who I’ve become as an adult. As a matter of fact, I’ve turned out much better than many of my friends whose parents kept them somewhat sheltered.

        And I don’t think my parents were irresponsible in letting me watch the things I did. They gave me reasonable boundaries, a stable environment to grow up in, and unconditional love. I think those are the things that count the mo

      • I meant to say that I played outside TONS as a kid, and that I read books by Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl, and C.S. Lewis.

        And, towards the end, that I think those are the things that count the most.

  • I guess taken in the context that this was at a dance competition and these outfits are pretty normal for that environment, sequins, ruffles, what have you I think their talent does out weigh the clothing.

    Now if they had shown up at the school talent show or had Beyonce featured them in an awards show performance or whatever and they were dressed like that, then I would definitely find the clothing a lot more questionable.

    At least they aren’t being spray tanned, fitted with veneers and wearing big wigs like is the norm for most pageant kids these days. Sadly I think wearing a sequined version of their bathign suits is the least offensive thing that could happen.

    • what you commented sounds reasonable until you realize what the parents were really saying.

      basically they were using the whole “everyone else is doing this, why can’t we?” argumentcwe all tried with or parents growing up.
      Why is it acceptable if other people are doing this within some context (such as dance competitions) okay?

      In what context would this ever be appropriate for little girls???

      I wouldn’t even allow my girls to wear a bathing suit that resembled those costumes.
      And why does the title “costume” give the parents some sort of free pass?

      the “dad” said himself that “the girls are too young to understand what there doing so it really isn’t as bad as it looks?”

      How many kids are molested and abused because they are too young to understand what is happening to them and do not know how to protect themselves. The very fact that they are too young to understand is why it is inappropriate!

      You don’t hand your kids a copy of “Hustler” and think it’s okay because they won’t understand it. WTF!

      It is up to us as parents to protect them, their childhood and and not have them participate in things they do not understand and that exploit them, ESPECIALLY in a sexual way.

      Using their argument for this being “Okay” would mean that these little girls posing for maxim or worse would be okay because the little girls are not able to understand what they were doing, other parents are allowing it and after all the photos were in the context of the magazines material or brand.

      • as for the bathing suit comment, do you know how frustratingly hard it is to find a bathing suit for little girls that doens’t look like this? that’s all they make for little kids are two piece skimpy things.

      • I know! it pisses me off.

        Everything looks like something a 20 yr old would wear.

        It’s become just as bad in the kids clothing dept. at most stores.

  • I am of two minds. One, these girls are ridiculously talented. There is no question about that. Two, the choreography is beyond inappropriate. There is a line between cute and trashy and the trashy line has been decimated. Yeah, and the costumes…W T F. I have two little girls that dance and if either of them was in dance like this I would be pissed.

    • Never in a million years would I allow my daughet to dress like that to dance. It’s up to the parents to say “Nope, songs not appropiate for a little girl.”. When my daughter was younger I always asked about what they were to wear to recitals. It’s my job as her mum to keep her looking and acting like a little girl. NOT to dress her like a pedo’s dream. Imagine showing off the video at family gatherings? People would be crapping their pants!!!

    • the outfits dont bug me its the hoochi mama dancing that i find inappropriate. i blame the parents not the little girls.

  • Yeah, they are talented. But, some of those hip moves are not something I think adults can be comfortable watching. Unless you’re on some registry somewhere.

  • Wow fucking hell they were brilliant! And you’re right the little blond it is killing it. Fierce. But I’m sure they could have done just as well with a less slutty outfit.

  • As a dance teacher, I can say that this kind of thing is very typical of the competition scene. But anyone who uses that as justification is seriously messed up. There is not one thing about this number that is appropriate. The parents were on Good Morning America this morning, and they tried to say that there was nothing wrong with the costumes or the moves. They even tried to say that they got the inspiration from the “Chipmunks” movie. Seriously, these kids need to be put in some kind of foster care, because their parents are MESSED UP.

    Oh, and the lead dancer needs to learn to control her hyperextended arms. And spot her turns.

  • Since you asked–slutty vibe definitely overshadows any talent. I like dancing, but I wasn’t impressed–only made uncomfortable.

  • This is definitely gross. Yes, they’re talented. But this is completely inappropriate for their age – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  • it’s just wrong on so many levels. the parents disgust me.

    i felt sick just watching it and and looked at my own 7 yr old daughter who is my little girl and could not get my head around how the parents are okay with this?

    The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It

    • hahha holy shit! i can’t believe they were in another vid! they are def insanely talented, but damn these girls’ parents have lost their minds. that blonde one is going to be a stripper someday, no question about it.

  • first of all- song choice. “single ladies” really? you are 8 years old. Second- costumes. I don’t think it’s changes sh*t if it’s a dance competition, how does the fact that it’s a competition make things more normal? what? a wider audience? third- oh god… i just watched little girls girating.. so gross. fourthly i would like to add that whoever thinks this is ok should go live on a farm for a while and try to get back in touch with reality.

  • so I’d like to say that when I was 12 I participated in a dance to a backstreet boys song and then my mom read the lyrics when they said “am I sensual?” and oh my god she went crazy… and eventhough that was a little exagerated and I’m someone of an open mind this is just… no words… if they had worn something else maybe it would be half decent but no way is this appropiate

  • First let me say that I would never have allowed my kid to perform in such a manner, and if any of my siblings had allowed their kids to perform that way I would have punched them upside the fucking head.

    That being said, I must say those kids can fucking dance! What amazes me most is how at such a young age those kids dance with such assurance, and with such a grasp of what it takes to pull that performance off. Which ultimately leads me back to what is so disturbing to me. They are too fucking good.

    What a conundrum…..I love it…..I hate it……

  • i wonder if they have any male teachers at school that felt uncomfortable seeing their students this way?

    I’ve read those comments on youtube defending the video and saying that anyone who is bothered by this is clearly a perv and it is our fault for for having our minds in the gutter.

    So basically the performance is saying it’s okay to look at me in this sexy costume bumping and grinding but don’t you dare sexualize me in any way cause if you even struggle with that or find watching this uncomfortable than it is you who is the pervert and belongs behind bars.

    Good decent men know better than to even go there mentally and will be disgusted and disturbed at what they are seeing, but when parents shove it in our faces they better not be surprised to find out that every pedo is jerking off to this in his basement.

  • I am sure these little girls are very talented though I must say I havent watched the video. I have no desire to see little girls dressed as strippers dancing around. Who do these parents think are watching it? I’m sure they made alot of pedos really really happy.

    Dress your kids as appropriately and if their really talented it wont matter if their in a burlap sack.

  • They are great dancers whose skills are cheapened by all the thrusting and bucking and self-fondling. What a pity their choreographer felt it necessary to reach for the lowest common denominator. And it’s tragic that the parents believe it’s OK.

    The outfits combined with the inappropriate moves sells these girls and their talent short. It also sexualizes them and anyone who thinks otherwise should remember that these are 2nd and 3rd graders (I assume) standing on stage in what amounts to lingerie, suggestively thrusting their prepubescent pelvises.

    When I saw them my first thought was Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby.

  • I don’t understand what makes this video get everyone up in arms. Look around on youtube at other child dance competitions. I guess this might be pushing a little further, but really, it’s par for the course.
    Almost all jazz routines at higher skill levels (even at young ages) are highly sexualized. You can see all sorts of other skimpy outfits and stripper-like moves in many other routines.

    I agree that it’s appalling. But it has nothing to do with this dance or these parents. It’s the whole system that would need a fix.

  • no, the outfits overpower the talent for sure. they should focus on the dance moves and not overt sexuality

  • The are amazinly talented but there are thousands of different styles of dance that they could be doing that would be waaay more appropriate.
    If this is what they are wearing and how they are dancing at this age I shudder at the thought of how it will be when they reach their teens…

  • And look they’re famous now. How did they do in the competition? Did the judges frown upon the costuming and sexualization or did they reward them with a great score?

    The choreographer chose to make a routine filled with stripper moves, the parents all watched these kids practice it for months, the seamstress sewed all these little whore outfits, and the parents paids hundreds of dollars to put them on their girls. Toddlers and tiaras, preteens and punani.

  • In a rather sad way, only children could dance in an outfit like this, as i would imagine a womans curves could not be contained within it while dancing with the same energy.

    I saw the interview with the parents, and on one part i agree with them. This is our culture, and its being reflected through young children. While the base of the outfit probably covers as much or more then many two piece bathing suits for girls this age, i feel its the theme of the outfit more then the skin shown. They them they are presenting is totally lingerie which is inappropriate from the adult view point. On another view point, when i was this age (and even to this day) I myself have always loved dressing up and i remember dressing like the Spice Girls when i was quite young with my friends, trying to emulate them and dress skimpy.

    But that was in a basement not on stage.

    I for one am appalled at the comments directed towards the girls in the video. Claiming that they are sure to become strippers, prostitutes etc. THAT is rather sick and demeaning, no? How would you feel if one of those young girls read these mean comments and burst into tears because she was merely having fun. I would personally assume that these girls still have an innocence to them, they didnt pick these costumes saying that they need to be sexy. For all we know, they saw the video of Beyonce and said Mommy! I want to do a dance like that at the competition! They probably felt pretty in their costumes. Just because our adult eyes see what is sexuality doesn’t mean they know it is.

    Bottom line, none of us live with these people or have any right to judge them off of THIS ONE THING that they are ‘disgusting horrible parents’.

    Its pop culture, what pop song is TRULY appropriate for children? Lets look at who we have singing aimed to children. That justin bieber kid only sings about ‘love’, you have multitudes of tweens springing from Disney singing about true love and kissing and all sorts of things. I wonder how many videos are out there of young girls dancing to a Britney Spears song.

    The parents chose an inappropriate costume choice, it doesn’t mean they are whoring out their daughters, get over it. Parents can make mistakes, these costumes WONT damage the children. What will is the shitstorm people that dont even know them are creating.

    • These girls are being taught that it’s not enough to have incredible dancing skills, you also have to be sexy…at 8 years old. These are not girls who are dancing in their basement to Britney Spears or singing along with Lady Gaga. They are presenting themselves on stage to an audience. It’s more than the outfits, it’s the bucking and thrusting. Exactly who are they trying to entice with these moves?

      It’s not cute. It’s cheap and their parents should be ashamed of themselves (not to mention their choreographer). Did any of them think for one minute, “maybe this is inappropriate.” If not, then they deserve the shit storm.

    • Saying that these little girls are going to grow up to be strippers or prostitutes is cruel and mean spirited? Maybe. Best way to prevent this? Don’t dress your daughter up to look like a stripper or prostitute and put her on display.

  • OMG…I posted this video on my Facebook page and asked people’s opinions and you would not believe the SHITSTORM I opened up. People certainly do have strong opinions on the matter. Here’s what I think as the mother of a 7 year old daughter myself…do I think the kids are crazy talented? Yes. Do I think the parents are just plain crazy? Yes.

  • They were amazing, but the outfits definitely took away from their talent. Their awesomeness could have been just as apparent in more appropriate attire.

  • I have a friend who owns a dance studio & my 7 year old daughter desperately wants to take dance lessons there. I have several other friends that take their daughters (& 1 son) there so I’ve gone to lots of recitals & competitions & I think that this Single Ladies dance by these girls is very representative of what I’ve seen & is the reason why I won’t let my daughter take lessons there. And it’s extremely hard for me as a mom & as friend. As a mom, I just try to get her involved in other activities such as art club, flag football & gymnastics. But she keeps going back to wanting to go to dance at my friends studio. And it’s hard with my friend too because I don’t wanna hurt her feelings & say I don’t want my daughter taking lessons from you because of the inappropriate moves so I lie. I know it’s terrible but true. I tell her either I can’t afford it (because those skimpy costumes cost alot! & so do the lessons in general) or say yeah we’re thinking about maybe signing her up soon. And then if I sign her up for something else I’ll say well she’s already doing -whatever- & I only want her in 1 activity at a time. UGH! at the whole thing! I just wish the dances were more appropriate.

  • The little bit that I got through made me feel completely uncomfortable. When I was a kid (and I’m 20, so not that long ago) I wanted to be like Posh Spice, who always looked classy and beautiful. I could have emulated Ginger Spice because I liked her too, but she was a little trashy back in the day.

    Now girls look up to Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus… Ugh.

  • I definitely think the costumes are inappropriate, ESPECIALLY combined with these overly sexual dance moves. If one or the other were toned down a bit, it may not make so many people uncomfortable.

  • I don’t remember anyone making a stink about all the cute little kids and babies dancing to this song and their parents posting it on YouTube. Did anyone read the lyrics? All I ever heard was ‘that’s so cute’. I actually agree that it was cute. Why, because those little ones don’t absorb the lyrics or the sexual meanings. When I was a child, one of the biggest hits on the radio was ‘Lady Marmalade’. Lyrics available here
    I sang along with it never knowing what it really meant and didn’t care. My mom had to ruin it by telling me the chorus meant ‘do you want to sleep with me’ in french. I also listened to and sang along to ‘Momma Told Me Not To Come’ lyrics available here

    Point is, this is nothing new. Kids have been singing songs and dancing just like they see everyone else. The internet has caused everyone to see everyone else’s business. Elvis Presley was considered scandalous, now he is considered quite tame.

    Below are the lyrics to All The Single Ladies. You tell me, would you have thought the babies and kids on YouTube were ‘cute’ had you really paid attention to the lyrics? Most of those kids were only in a diaper, much less clothing than the very talented 7 and 8 year olds dancing in this story.

    All the single ladies (7x)

    Now put your hands up
    Up in the club, we just broke up
    I’m doing my own little thing
    you Decided to dip but now you wanna trip
    Cuz another brother noticed me
    I’m up on him, he up on me
    dont pay him any attention
    cuz i cried my tears, GAVE three good years
    Ya can’t be mad at me

    Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    wo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh x2

    (Chorus)Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

    I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips
    hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans
    acting up, drink in my cup
    I couldnt care less what you think
    I need no permission, did I mention
    Dont pay him any attention
    Cuz you had your turn
    But now you gonna learn
    What it really feels like to miss me

    Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    woo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh 2x

    Don’t treat me to the things of this world
    I’m not that kind of girl
    Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
    Is a man that makes me, then takes me
    And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond
    Pull me into your arms
    Say I’m the one you WANT
    If you don’t, you’ll be alone
    And like a ghost I’ll be gone

    All the single ladies (7x)
    Now put your hands up
    woo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh
    oh oh oh 2x

    Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
    Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it woo oh ooh 2x

    • your argument does not make any sense…dancing around your house to songs with age inappropriate lyrics is not the same as addressing an unhealthy inappropriate emphasis on sexuality within dance studios that have purposely chosen the outfits and the choreography to mimic overtly sexual behavior, regardless of the age of the kids.

      BTW i have not heard people complaining about the lyrics, it’s the clothes and the dance moves.

      When we see women in videos dancing that way (in videos, at clubs, or strip clubs) we know the intent is (to arouse) and why it is popular particularity around men.

      So now we see little girls doing this which is why most men I’ve heard from who have seen it have been very disturbed. Like it was wrong for them to be viewing – like it was soft child porn. (WHICH IS WHAT THEY SHOULD FEEL! IF THEY ARE NOT PEDO’S)

      Why is it that those who see it for what is is are being called the pervs and those who are behind the whole thing are saying we are overreacting???

  • I don’t think they’ll grow up to become strippers because by the time they grow up say 20 those dance moves will be totally okay for there age.

    However they may not fit into the same sequined bathing suits at that time.

  • I was a competition kid and will be quick to rush to their defense. The costumes are just that, costumes. Even though they’re young, they are going to understand the difference between this and street clothes! It doesn’t influence you one way or another. I can sit back and have a good laugh at all my old tacky dance costumes.
    The parenting outside of dance is far more important than whatever people are fussing about. Generally competition kids are good, well disciplined children who are too busy dancing to get into much trouble anyway.

    People continue to judge the community of competitive dance but I can only think of few other things that help to shape young girls by teaching them self discipline, helping develop confidence, as well as giving them physical activity (childhood obesity is out of control!).
    So just look at what your child is doing right now… playing video games? watching tv? on the computer? YEAH. Now shut up.

    • And dancing seductively on stage in front of a hooting and hollering audience.

      Don’t you think it’s possible to do all those great things without have them bump and grind?

  • People have made comments that dressing and dancing like this fuels pedophiles. Last time I checked, pedophiles like children. Not once has there been a case where dressing in a costume invites a pedophile to ‘get you’. A criminal will get a victim not based on their clothing but on their availability. If a nun was to walk down a street alone and a prostitute (dressed all sexy) was to walk down a street alone, BOTH would be possible victims of rape. It would not depend on their dress. People are so stupid to think dressing or acting a certain way invites crime. So, when I was in 4th grade and riding my banana seat bike around the neighborhood (this was 1974) did I ask for the stranger in the big blue car to stop and ask me for directions and then did I ask him to show me his penis and ask me ‘do you have one of these?’ I was a kid wearing shorts and a tshirt and lived in a ‘safe’ neighborhood on a ‘safe’ street. I wasn’t asking for it because ‘it’ found me. At least I was able to ride away. Creepy gross criminals come in many forms and they seek out their victims. Dancing in a recital to the most popular song around in an outfit that covers more than most of y’alls bikini’s isn’t going to turn these girls into pregnant teenagers, rape victims, pole dancers, etc.. What these girls have are parents who take them to dance class and sacrifice to send them to dance competitions. I doubt these girls (or any of the other members of this huge dance school) are left sitting in front of the tv wasting away on Wii or sitting around unsupervised while setting up fake facebook pages.
    By the way, here is the link on youtube to The World of Dance Competition that included these young talents

    • yeah, but should these girls dress this way and be asked to behave sexually in order to compete?

      would it be okay to have my kids dress like strippers and dance on a pole in front of other people if it was a competion?

      where do you draw the line and when do you realize that criminals aside something very valuable is being stolen from our children?

    • You really don’t see anything wrong with these young girls wearing what amounts to lingerie, bucking and thrusting on stage? Can’t they show off their dancing ability (which they have tons of) without moving their little pelvises in such an overtly suggestive manner?

  • This dance has been viewed as perverted, suggestive, and slutty but i think people are looking at it all wrong. These girls are dancing for competition not on the streets or in a club. Their outfits show as much skin as possible to showcase there beautiful lines and amazing technique (not hiding it all under full length cloths). Their costumes also fit the song ‘Single Ladies’ just right. These girls are amazingly gifted and the choreographer is truly brilliant, their moves may have been a little over the top, but like i said it was for a competition not just little girls shaking there butts for little boys. Dancing is an art form and some people need to accept that thats all those girls were doing, expressing them selfs and showcasing their talent. Sure they were moving there hips and pelvises, but you do that every day just walking! I can not dance like that and you probably cant move in that manner either so just accept that all the choreographer was doing was showcasing exactly how talented these girls are. And as far as the parents go, they are probably very proud of their daughter for being so extremely talented

    • Are we to believe that you see women and girls out there just walking down the street, bucking their hips forward and back, arching their backs, thrusting and shaking. Where exactly do you live, on Admiral Wilson Blvd in Camden, NJ?

  • I want to know who the brunette girl that was in the middle slept with to be featured so much over the killer girl with the blond hair and bangs! The blond girl OWNED it. That being said, yes this made me wonder what the hecks their parents and teachers were thinking.

  • These girls have been trained in a style of dance, its what they love and what they are amazing at. They are NOT stripping/strippers, and i think that anyone who is thinking that has problems themselves.
    I honestly think the costume is fine – the girls arent wearing it to school or to the shops! It’s a persona for a dance. The dance moves themselves do not have to be seen as sexual – the girls are just dancing there hearts out with some big moves! Any little girl dancing around at home would wiggle her hips, strike some poses and shake her hair around, and these girls just know how to do it professionally. I honestly think that having eight year doing this is more appropriate than having a fourteen year old doing it!

    @Mrs. Kitty – you’re whats wrong with videos like this. Its people like you – ‘I want to know who the brunette girl that was in the middle slept with’ who cause problems. They’re kids, don’t be so disgusting. The blonde girl has a huuugee amount of energy (and is amazing obv.) but she doesn’t have the same technique as the brunette (another reason why the costumes are so small is so that technique can be seen .. that’s pretty normal in a DANCE PERFORMANCE. You can see the difference in their technique in an older video

    And FINALLY: these girls have way too much talent to end up as strippers. They are fabulous dancers, and people should look at that instead of calling tiny kids sluts…

    • most people are not calling the kids sluts, their issue is with the adults.
      no doubt these girls are extremely talented and do not deserve being called sluts, strippers etc.

      the real issue is why is society (parents and the dance community) comfortable with having children mimic very adult sexual behavior in a dance?

      You said “The dance moves themselves do not have to be seen as sexual”

      well, guess what they are seen that way – BECAUSE those dance moves are done by adult women often employed as dancers for suggestive music videos and strip clubs.

      why have children dance like this and then demand rational adults to not see it the way it looks- their talent and hard work could be showcased differently and in a way that respects these children as children.

      I would like someone with your point of view to explain to me where the line gets drawn? With your logic it seems anything could become fair game.

  • that was the single most repulsive thing i have ever witnessed in my entire life. yes, they are extremely talented- it was inspiring, and i’m sure they will grow up to be famous. but still, my first reaction (and yes it was a perverted reaction, what can i say?) was that there are probably hundreds of child molesting sicko’s jerkng off to this video right now. and that’s horrific. what kind of mother would let their child thrust their bodies around like that, much less in those outfits?
    Awful. Horribly, disgustingly awful.

  • Okay, this pretty much sucks. You all apparently think these girls are either really slutty or really talented and let me just say they are NEITHER. This crap is seriously ALL you see at dance competitions, and this isn’t even one of the more impressive routines. It’s too much thrashing around and all the same stuff over and over. And no, I don’t think it’s skanky considering the circumstances (they’re at a dance competition. It’s what you do.) but I do think that I’ve definitely seen better.

  • hi, this is me again. my name is Myeca Joanna Mendoza Bacani. My favorite is Charli. I live in New Zealand. I was born in Santa Rita Guagua Pampanga Phillippines. Just like Kathleen.