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Sarah Silverman’s Show Has Been Canned

And quite frankly, I can’t believe that it’s stayed on the air even this long.

The Sarah Silverman Program is in its third season and execs state that this season will be the show’s last … and you know there was no avoiding the chopping block, in spite of the campaign that was waged on Twitter to save the show from imminent cancellation. These newfangled networking sites can do a lot — like bring Betty White to SNL — but can’t entirely save something that’s shit to begin with. Sorry, Sarah. Your ticket’s up.

Unfortunately for Sarah Silverman haters (like myself), she’s not going away anytime soon. She currently has a few projects up her sleeve including the promotion of her new book, which was released last month, and other D-list stuff.

I fully expect her to slink off into obscurity within the next few months or so. Weeks, if we’re lucky.

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  • Good, she sucks anyway. Just another Unfunny shock-humor fame whore. She is the female equivalent of Dane Cook.

  • I love you Sara. I love your “Dada” comedy. It’s not your fault you’re surrounded by so many philistines. Keep those dead baby jokes coming girl!

  • I have never seen her do anything I would consider remotely funny. I have seen her come close to being funny but then ruin it by thinking that the height of comic genius is a woman saying “poop.” Sarah is spot-on.

  • Woohoo! She is so unfunny its not even funny! Whoever said she is the female Dane Cook is spot on.

    • So much for writing something in Yiddish. This site is English only I guess.

      “Good riddance you Godless, cock sucking cunt”

  • if anyone thought this bitch was actaully funny they need a new term for funny
    she sucked before she had a show
    she sucked more when she had a show
    and she will suck in perpetuity.
    fuck her. unfunny thing.

  • I am neutral about Sarah but love the supporting cast. Steve Agee is a pal of mine and I’m sad that the show he was on was canceled… these things always suck for lots of people. Don’t just hate on Sarah.

  • Sarah Siverman is really great : )!! Sorry that her show got cancelled…Just because someone uses ‘touchy’ subjcts in their comedy dosen’t automatically mean it’s shallow ‘shock humour’ and Sarah’s definetly isn’t!.

    Sarah Silverman would do very well over here in Europe, that im sure of : ) !!
    (English is not my first language.)

  • I actually kinda liked her ….. She was funny in a sort of sarcastic, immature, lovable way. She made me giggle a couple of times and I am going to miss watching her show

  • Come on Beet teach your girls how posting images on the internet works. I know that all these girls are use to are posting links to YouTube videos on their own blogs.

    Look at the image Sarah posted.

    539px × 600px (scaled to 470px × 600px)

  • she is so twangy and annoying!! can’t she please get an office job and annoy everyone there instead of the American public?!

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  • The people who say that Silverman is hated because she talks about touchy subjects are idiots. I have no problem with a comic talking about extreme subjects like the Holocaust or dead babies, so long as they’re funny enough to justify the material. Too often hack comics use this material precisely because they’re not funny, and the shock of the subject covers that up. Sarah Silverman lies in this category. She’s completely unfunny at the best of times, and as a result needs to shock the audience in order to conceal that uncomfortable truth. There’s a difference between being prudish and demanding to be properly entertained. We’re not prudes, we just demand to be properly entertained. Riffing off a number of offensive subjects with a bunch of expletives ALONE doesn’t count as entertainment in my book. All that does is cover up the fact that Silverman sucks as a comic, and has survived all this time because of her ass kissing fans who will apparently laugh at anything. It’s no wonder that when she took her act to London she got damn near booed off the stage. People outside of Los Angeles often have the crazy expectation to actually laugh at funny material at a stand up gig. The ‘hip’ LA crowd apparently find swear words and shocking subjects funny enough all by themselves. If your idea of humour is to hear filth with no gags than save your money and read the nearest petrol station toilet wall.

  • Sarah Silverman is awesome! And everyone here is so negative. Here I am looking for innocent nudes and all I see is ranting from people who have probably never laughed at something funny in their lives.