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“I’ve always been really cautious about guys who have a Winnie Cooper fantasy, and I’m so glad about that. I mean, I can count on one hand the guys I’ve been with. It was really challenging, but I never gave it up too soon, if you know what I mean.”

– Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years tells Maxim all about what a prude she is.

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  • NOOOOOOOOOOO, Danica. I thought she was too smart to do the chewing on pinky finger pose. GOD, why do these girls think this is cute and sexy? They look like they’re eating dried dorito crust or boogs from underneath their fingernails!!

    • Oh I am SO glad you pointed out the finger pose issue. What IS that? Is that supposed to be a woman-child thing? I’m half-naked and want to have sex but please don’t hurt me because I’m as afraid of my sexuality as you are? Argh. Be sexy – just be sexy…own it.

  • Women are neither prudes nor sluts!!! Women have every right to choose to have as much or as little sex as they want. It is a personal choice.

  • She was cute when she was younger. He body obviously looks nice but she gets uglier by the day.

    She needs to do something about that flat, black, greasy looking hair, and that crooked part down the middle of her Fred Munster forehead.


    • ditto, i think she was way prettier when young
      and what ever happened to that marlin manson look a like?

    • Who the fuck is Fred Munster? Do you,perhaps, mean Fred Gwynne who played Herman Munster? Do us all a favor & shut the fuck up you shit-tard!

      • I was thinking of Fred’s name and also his Herman Munster character at the same time thus the fuck up. But I stand corrected there Chaz, and FYI, I actually like people swearing at me and calling me names, it reminds me of my late father, rest his soul. The good ole days ……. beatings and humiliation.

        Your not Chaz Bono are you? Did the new dick take?

  • How in the world is she a “prude”? She hasn’t had sex with 12 guys? Holy shit, what a weirdo. It’s refreshing to hear that there are some women in this world who actually have self-respect and don’t give it up to every dude they meet. I’ve never heard of Danica McKellar before this, but good for you!

  • Navajo? That’s actually worse. You must be an alcoholic then. I’m surprised you haven’t committed suicide yet. Reservations can be so depressing!

    • hey asshole you DON´T cross that line, pathetic little cunt. why dont u show your ugly mug around and see what i have to say about it. loser

      • I’m going by Godd Lord now. I’m using two d’s so there won’t be any confusing me with the other guy.

        Actually I’m Sioux. The Navajo sweep out our tents.

  • beet, this is the shit we’re talking about in the comments section. Really? This is the audience you were going for? I know you’re on to other things now, fair enough, but surely you don’t want the site to get rubbed in the dirt by this crowd.

    • You are Canadian! What do you know? You stay snowed in for six months and sodomize family members, and maybe the occasional family pet.