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Elisha Cuthbert Pulls a Jennifer Love Hewitt

But you know what? You’re not going to hear a lot of hate from me about it. I think (although it’s evident that she’s put on a few pounds) that she still looks great. I love when celebrities put on noticeable weight and they’re still okay with it. They don’t go and hide in the Hollywood Hills homes with a hoard of Ex-Lax, razorblades and cocaine. They accept it, flaunt it and change it — if they want.

Although yeah, she’s not the tiny, fat-free person that she used to be, she’s still totally hot in my book and I don’t care whether she takes the weight off or not.

Check out after and before photos of Jack Bauer’s daughter Elisha in the gallery.

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  • she looks healthy and gorgeous with completely proportionate curves, reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

    Her skinny pics just make her look hungry.

    Bring back voluptuous Hollywood.

  • Elisha Cuthbert looks good and still quite attractive in the new photos. However, the “before” photos that you selected give one an inadequate indication of how Elisha Cuthbert may have once looked — because they’re all staged, professional photos that were presumably retouched — while the new bikini photos appear to be as-is candid shots.

  • It’s not that I couldn’t be friends with someone who looked like this, but I -do- take issue with her going out in (presumably) public dressed like that, looking the way that she does. It is not because she used to be slender or because she is a celebrity and therefore must aspire to some higher standard; I hold this standard to anyone. It’s honestly just unpleasant for someone that size to be exposing so much of their body where everyone can see.

    • So if you have an ugly face that I may find “unpleasant” than you shouldn’t show it around in public either?

      I still think she looks hot!

      • i guess SJ thinks that the ordinary or unattractive people should become the shut-ins of society.

        i agree this girl is beautiful.

      • lmao. SJ is an idiot who should have her computer taken away. If ordinary and unattractive people couldn’t go out in society we’d have a hell of a lot of problems! Have you seen some celebrities without make up? I’m sure they’d qualify under the ‘unpleasant’ to look like category as well.

      • Did you even read SJ’s post? She said she shouldn’t go out “dressed like that”, not that she shouldn’t go out at all. Christ, people.

      • That was my meaning exactly, H. Thank you.

        It may not sound nice, but stupid people should not construct space shuttles and dirty people should not handle newborn infants. And people who should -not- be in bikinis in public view should not be in bikinis in public.

    • @ simon jadis

      “It’s not that I couldn’t be friends with someone who looked like this, but I -do- take issue with her going out in (presumably) public dressed like that, looking the way that she does.”

      wtf is wrong with you? do you have a certain standard measurement that makes wearing a bikini okay?
      I’m glad to now that you are humble enough to allow someone who looks like her to be your friend. that is so sweet of you.

      gawd, i hope your “friends” know what a douche you are!

      apparently you feel that “looking the way she does” is gross, meaning you think she is fat?!?!

      this girl looks good (better than good) and far, far better than what anyone sees at the beach these days?

      i would like to see you in your swim trunks or swimsuit and let you know if you are suitable for public viewing.

      • This comment . . . I do not understand. I assume that you are not suggesting that I am literally some sort of . . . prim-and-proper pudenda.

    • Someone that size? Are you kidding me, just because she’s not anorexic looking doesn’t mean she’s fat. She’s still thin; I don’t see what the problem is with her wearing a bikini. It’s because of comments like yours that there are so many girls out there suffering from eating disorders.

  • if she wasn’t elisha cuthbert, actress, no one would care. she looks like a healthy normal woman in rather good shape.

    it’s a perspective skewed by impossible hollywood standards of feminine perfection.

  • She still has a very nice figure. She has lovely, womanly curves that look fantastic. But, her face was more defined in the thinner pics. She still has a very pretty face, but I thought her pre weight face was more stunning.

  • i don’t see how she is considered fat at all. she doesn’t even have a tummy, or hanging skin, or any lumps. what idiots. and i think this post is all well and nice and you’re saying she still looks good, but the whole thing still implies she is fat, in my opinion. a body like this shouldn’t even raise eyebrows.

    • I’m sure the post was derived from good intensions. To point out a celebrity with a “normal”, beautiful and feminine body is something the general public could all do well to see, however, including the before pictures implies the opposite. I can’t help but feel that bringing her figure to attention and then contrasting it with a smaller version is not an effective way of conveying what, I think, the message of the post is suppose to be. If we are going to talk about it at all, post the pictures and note how great she looks instead of saying it in spite of weight gain.

  • In any era before the 60’s she’d be considered to have a stunning body. Now we call it full figured….
    My concern would be more the diet and/or lack of exercise routine she’s on that has her gaining weight, and if it’s a healthy one.

    And yeah Sasha you little pot-stirrer, how do you look in a bikini? You’ve got that rack that’s for sure but the rest?

  • my body is similar to hers, and i can never bring myself to show it to anyone. she doesn’t look great, but good on her for being ok with what she’s got. every time i go to the beach i hide beneath my fiancé’s old t-shirts and it’s a little bit depressing.

  • she is not thin or healthy looking, those legs look like tree trunks now. i am not saying that she shoudnt be in a bikini, go naked for all i care. however we are missing the point, she is unhealthy, she should strive to be the best she can be, eat proportionate and healthy food and do exercise, i bet if she did that she would still have the banging body she once had. and all those people that think, “oh before she was starving herself”, that is so not true, eat healthy and do exercise and you´ll see how easy it is to be thin

    • Actually she is probably a lot healthier than before. I am guessing that her BMI lies well within the “normal” healthy range. To get the body she “once had” probably meant for her to eat 2 crackers and an apple a day and completely starve herself of normal food.

  • She looks like a lot of the people that are on the beach. As in regular people, not celebrity people. I have seen far worse in bikinis.

  • I have to say that I think she looks fine, and she should certainly be “allowed” to go out in a bikini! Good grief. The people who are grossed out by that picture need to see some actual gross things and take a lesson in comparisons.

    She probably is on the upper end of the normal BMI range, or lower overweight range, but so what? She still represents the average American woman and I’d bet there are lots of readers on this site who would prefer that size body to the one they have.

    And yes, ditto to everyone who pointed out how manufactured and photoshopped the “skinny” pictures are. Additionally, in the beach picture, the natural sunlight on someone that fair doesn’t do her any favors.

  • I have to say that the majority of you are insane, and you have been seriously fucked in the head by staring at photos of anorexic celebrities. Elisha Cuthbert looks athletic and sexy, her boobs aren’t starved away, and she is a basically hot, healthy, curvy woman. WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOME FAT ON THEIR BODIES. I’m still waiting for Beet to post her bikini pictures so we can see how much better looking she is than Cuthbert.

    • woot woot, I agree.
      Women are meant to have curves and be soft, that does not mean obese or fat.
      we’ve seen way too many skinny hard looking girls and have allowed that to warp our perceptions.

      I took Beet up on her offer and went through the archives on her blog, I did not see any bikini pics nor did i see anything that showed her looking hotter or thinner than elisha.

  • She looks fucking amazing and approachable, unlike many hollyhood actresses who work out incessantly at a superhuman rate.

    • It isn’t that she is “approachable”. You are mistaking the natural phenomenon of attraction caused by the gravitational pull of her massive fucking ass, with something that is voluntary. Which it is not. The photographer had to Photo-Shop out all of the children and beach toys that were pulled into orbit around her. Poor girl.

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