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That Burglar Bunch Chick Got Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail

Alexis Neiers, one of the young woman associated with the Burglar Bunch, was sentenced to 180 days in prison this morning after pleading “no contest”. She also will be on probation for the next three years. Today’s case was specifically linked to the burglary of actor Orlando Bloom’s home, where Alexis and her friends ripped off over $600,000 worth of merchandise.

Thankfully Alexis is being held accountable for her actions. Immediately after the story of several Valley teens breaking into celebrity homes to steal their clothing in accessories broke, E! rewarded Alexis by giving her her own show. Just a month ago Alexis and her sister were out and up to their old tricks and I asked if it was reasonable on any level to promote this kind of behavior. Well, I’m glad at least one LA court agrees that it’s not.

Alexis is ordered to surrender herself by June 24th, so let’s hope they finish filming Pretty Wild by then.

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  • Maybe I’m getting old but who wants to watch a show about little girls who act like major fuck-ups? I want to slap them when I see the ads on tv. I don’t know who they are or how they got a show. Hopefully it won’t last.

  • You can take the bitch out of the trailer park, but you just can’t take the trailer park out of the bitch.

    • Yeah, she’ll cry wolf and be out in a few days. Then go on TV and cry about how she’s a new person.

    • Is it just me or is the california legal system a joke. These celebrities get sentences like 180 days in jail or 50 hours of community service or wash the judge’s car.. I wanna see this bitch in jail for like 3 years. I think the only celebrity who’s gotten a REAL sentence is wesley snipes.. I guess fucking with the IRS is the only REAL crime in america

  • You steal “merchandise” from a store. If you steal from someone’s home, you are not stealing merchandise, you are stealing possessions.

  • You call 180 days being held accountable? She helped steal over $600k of someone’s personal property! Had it been Joe Schmoe from down the street, it would have been a couple of years at least. And no one actually serves a full prison sentence anymore.

  • God, I’m so glad she has to go to jail. I hope she serves the full sentence. I can’t believe E! gave them that show.

  • Stay strong Alexis, soon your jail time will be over.. I believe you did not do it. Stay strong. Keep fighting

  • Uhhh… she had to admit what she did to the court as part of her plea bargain. You cant just plead “no contest” and not allocute to the judge. She had to tell the judge in detail exactly what she did. Moreover, this deal was most likely only cut with Alexis because she is going to have to roll over on the others.