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Michael Jackson’s Body Guards Swear He Wasn’t Gay

… ugh. As if that’s really relevant at this point.

Three of Michael Jackson’s body guards have penned a tell-all book that, amongst other things, claims that Michael was not gay like the public tends to believe. The book says that toward the end of his life Michael actually had two girlfriends, one of whom he referred to as just “Friend”. Seeing as he called his son “Blanket”, I don’t find it all that hard to believe.

The trio of body guards have already held one interview with ABC back in March and they will likely be doing a second interview with them in June. While I have to admit that I’m interested in finding out as many details about Michael and his “real life” as possible, aren’t these body guards breaking some sort of non-disclosure agreement by writing this book? And if they’re not, does anyone else find it very random and peculiar that there was no such NDA in place? Maybe Michael is manipulating us from the grave, you guys.

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