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People Journalist Steve Helling to Spill Beans and Other Shit on Tiger Woods

Finally … the juicy tell-all book that you’ve been waiting for.

In light of the fact that Tiger Woods had always tried to maintain a humongous level of privacy (at least before the affairs were found out), People magazine journalist Steve Helling has finally decided to write a no-holds-barred book outlining all of the sordid details that he became privy to as an entertainment journalist.

The book is called “Tiger: The Real Story,” and Helling states that he’s got more information on the fallen golf star than anyone can imagine and claims that the reason he hadn’t come forward sooner was because he didn’t want to lose all access to the cheating golfer:

“Over the years, I had heard rumors of Tiger’s partying – drunken nights at the clubs, dirty dancing with other women, phone numbers slipped to pretty blonds – but I didn’t follow up on the tips … Negative coverage of Tiger – or even positive coverage that wasn’t approved and micromanaged – would often result in swift, permanent excommunication from the Tiger Woods camp. It was in everyone’s best interest to sweep the rumors under the rug.”

According to Helling, anyone who was anyone knew everything about Tiger, his wandering penis and its two nutty friends:

“[Tiger] dated a lot of girls even after he was married to Elin. When he was filming some commercials at Universal Studios, he asked out a few girls, and this was after he was married. If they said no, he’d move on.'”

Though Tiger publicly, uh, “apologized,” many people didn’t consider it sufficient enough to back up off his personal space, hence the tell-all books and leakages that have sprouted up all over the place since November of 2009.

So … will you be lining up to donate to the voyeurism cause that we’re obviously all so dedicated to?

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  • Before I read this post, I thought Steve Helling may have been just another person, in a long line of people, out to make a quick buck over the Tiger Woods Scandal.
    But maybe he really is a modern day muckraker — exposing the ills of Tiger Woods for the betterment of society. Nah.

  • “So … will you be lining up to donate to the voyeurism cause that we’re obviously all so dedicated to?”

    Why so snarky?

    You rely on voyeurism to make bank every day.

    You have no place to be critical, you are the problem.

    • No shit. Clearly it says, “that we’re obviously all so dedicated to.” I hardly think I’d be doing this for a living if I didn’t enjoy it. And I’ll probably be buying the book … or at least borrowing it from someone.

      • Sarah,

        Please jump in front of a train. You are stupid, annoying, and your face has to be the first visual laxative there ever was. I swear, when I see your avatar I get cramps and have to run and take a massive dump. You are the most worthless tool on the internet.

      • Oh, so sorry! I was supposed to take your comment literally?

        And here I thought that all the English lessons you’d been taking from your sixth-grade tutor had paid off and you’d finally figured out how to use basic grammar to imply tone.

        I guess I was mistaken!

        Fucking moron.

      • you’re the fucking moron. you don’t make any sense. shecalled you out on being an idiot, you ended up looking like an idiot, mission accomplished. now refer back to your original comment, reread it (slowly this time) and tell me how you think your second comment made sense. ’cause it didn’t.

      • Jules –
        Just because you’re also too dumb to get it doesn’t mean you’re right.

        Good Lord –
        Good to see you again baby!

      • Good to see you too H.

        We agree to disagree. I can respect that.

        Jules, never jump in to a disagreement with a dynamic you know nothing about. Pass the the bong to molls please!

      • Good Lord,

        I agree to agree with you regarding Jules. I also agree to agree with you, in principle at least, on the subject of Sarah’s writing disabilities.

        I agree to disagree on the subject of Molls. Mwah.

      • H,

        I agree to agree with you although I also agree to disagree, although I agree with you regarding what we disagreed on, regarding what we disagreed on prior to our agreement.

        Do you agree?

  • I think the question was rhetorical as well as figurative. it is obvious the administrators of this site make a living off of celebrity gaffs and moral ineptitudes, so to “call” out the author of this is infantile. Sarah and the aforementioned original author doesn’t accomplish anything other than showing you can’t read for enjoyment.

  • I’m excited for this book, not because I like Tiger, but because Steve is actually a friend of mine! GO STEVE!!

  • interesting that this guy claims he never followed up on any of the tips, yet now he’s writing a tell all book based on these tips, as if they were proven facts.

    also, all this childish fighting on this site is getting VERY annoying.

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