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Elton John’s Egyptian Concert Cancelled Over Calling Jesus Gay, Being Gay

Earlier this year Elton John caused some waves when he told Parade Magazine, “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead.”  That statement was certainly controversial and the backlash has been all the intolerant bullshit that you’d expect. The police even arrested one Georgia man who exposed his plot to have Elton murdered on YouTube. All of that made today’s news that Elton is now banned from playing in Egypt that much less of a surprise.

Elton was set to play a show there on May 18th, but it was cancelled after Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of Egypt’s Musician Union released a statement saying that he cold not allow “A homosexual who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Issa (Jesus) was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom” on his turf. That’s lovely, huh? And it certainly disproves Elton’s claim that gay women in the Middle East may as well be dead!

Whenever anyone makes a statement about homosexuality and religion on any side of the issue, there’s going to be backlash from everyone else who believes differently. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that there are still people in the world who hold extreme grudges against those who live differently from them, but it’s stories like this that remind us that people are still fighting for equality. Hell, they’re still fighting for freedom of speech! These issues are sadly so far from resolved.

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  • front seat at his concert.

    fuck yes, he was AWESOME. i don’t really hold a grudge against gay people, and he’s entitled to his opinion, so i really could care less about him saying jesus is gay. historically speaking, i think he might even be right.

  • “Whenever anyone makes a statement about homosexuality and religion on any side of the issue, there’s going to be backlash from everyone else who believes differently. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that there are still people in the world who hold extreme grudges against those who live differently from them”

    That statement is utterly fucking laughable. I for one could not care less about gay people and their lifestyles. Live and let live. What upsets me and I am sure gay people as well is when someone makes a comment with no other purpose than to offend others..i.e..Elton John’s remark that Jesus Christ was a “gay man”. A remark that is just as offensive as a straight person saying Gay men are perverts, deviants, child molesters..etc..etc. Equally untrue, yet equally offensive. I would respect your comments molls if they were applied equally. You have an affection for gays and an apparent aversion towards people of faith. The cycle continues.

    And before any one starts giving me shit about being a “right wing nut-job”, “Fox-bot”, “Christian ass-hole”, and the like, let me say the following. My brother was gay, and I had to stand there as he was pumped full of morphine moments before he was taken off of life support. It was 1991 and without saying so, the reasons should be obvious. I am not a hater, and neither was my brother. I only wish that respect was something that couldn’t be given unless “family” were part of the equation. I am sure Elton was just pissed and so am I when I say hateful things as well, but this current state of contempt is all we will be left with if people do not begin to “accept” one another, Mounir al-Wasimi included.

    My brother was 32 years old when he passed away. The most difficult day of my life is when I turned 33 and out lived my older brother.

    • Point well made. It is clear that you needed to clear the pipes and still have considerable pain over losing your brother to HIV/AIDS. I live the unique and often painfully complex duality of being a gay Christian. I understand why you are upset and just wanted to lend you a voice of support here….also, I’m sorry you lost your brother.

    • I really fail to understand why EJ’s thought that Jesus was gay would be offensive to straight people. I’m straight, I don’t find it offensive at all. To equate that to people who claim that gays are child molestors is not even close in offensiveness- one is a natural, biological thing (being gay) the other is deviant behavior.

      I’m sorry that you lost your gay brother, but he probably would have been happy to have an open-minded advocate like Molls.

      • If the definition of advocate is “a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc” (which it is), that would be fine, but when the support becomes “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion”, then the person is a bigot.

        Hello molls.

  • Big surprise, the middle east is an intolerant hatred fueles place. And Egypt is one of the most moderate countries here.
    Who cares if Jesus was gay?! The dude has been dead for 2000 years now and what made him famous wasn’t his choice of night clubs.

  • I’m sure Elton knew this was going to have some negative reactions. But I respect him a lot for standing up what he believes in. It’s a shame there are still so many who hate. But I’ve said this many times before and will say it again, we are much more than which courty we’re from or our sexuality, these are just parts of who we are. Hate someone because they’re mean to you, not because they’re gay. Grr.

  • Religion and faith are very personal, and to some people, very important issues. EJ was very arrogant to say the Lord was a gay man, and I’m surprised he hasn’t had more backlash. Given he’s now an elderly, unattractive, has-been musican is probably why he hasn’t.

    When I first heard about his statement I was offended because it’s ridiculous. I could write a very long dissertation on this issue of homosexuality and Christianity as an Episcopalian where these issues are sadly causing havoc in our church, but I won’t cause this is a gossip blog and the thought of the whole thing is exhausting.

    Shouldn’t Elton be obsessing over his sunglass collection, not voicing his MAN-opause thoughts on the “sexual orientation” of Jesus?

    @Good Lord….Hugs to you about your brother’s passing…so sad. I enjoy and respect your commments here, keep venting!!

  • I think its unfortunate that Elton made the statement that Jesus possibly was a homosexual. There is no historical evidence that he might have been.

    I can understand how millions of Christians worldwide would be offended by such a statement. The new testament is clear and without compromise on Gods feelings regarding any type of homosexuality.

    Unfortunately, people feel that they can also use “gutter” language in the press when offering their opinion. In times past, people were
    respectful of their speech in public. It is an illiterate person that has to bebase themselves and use profanity in place of normal english vocabulary.

  • Jesus may/may not have even existed – whether or not He was gay is moot. And, suppose He was gay – would you then deny Him? There is no historical evidence that he wasn’t. And the circumstances of His life certainly indicate the possibility that he was Gay.There is no clear language anywhere in the Bible on homosexuality. The only thing that is clear is that interpretations differ. The Bible, taken in context of the time that it was written, has radically different meaning than applying modern societal standards. Heterosexuals have no problem declaring that Jesus was a heterosexual and Homosexuals aren’t screaming and crying and griping about it. Why don’t you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and reconsider your prejudice.

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