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CoCo’s Back!

Conan O’Brien kicked off his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV Tour this weekend in LA (I have friends that went. I spaced on buying a ticket. I’m still not prepared to talk about it, really) and The Pale One totally delivered.

Check out this clip above of Conan singing, of all things It’s Not Easy (Superman) by Five for Fighting. After a moment he’s joined on stage by none other than everyone’s favorite new Twitter user, Jim Carrey. This was only the first night of Conan’s tour, and I’m sure that the guest appearances will continue. If you can manage to get a ticket for your city, get on that. Do it for me!

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  • That video was fucking stupid. Conan sucks. Some people see him and think “that’s funny”, I look at him and think “that’s sad”.

    His career is tanking and he is becoming pathetic. Sad!

    • For God’s sake he’s on TBS. He’ll be getting bumped for rain-delayed Braves games.

      • “On April 12, 2010, O’Brien opened his two-month comedy tour, starting in Eugene, Oregon with a crowd of 2,500”

        WOW…2,500 people! My God! A comedy genius! A fucking LEGEND!

        What a fucking joke!

        The Alabama Butterbean Festival attendance has him beat by a factor of 10.


        What a homo!

      • No offense, I was just seeking clarity for the group. I know what they are thinking.

        As to the strangeness, I don’t think that I would have anything to do with it because, I don’t think we have met.

      • Marcella, from now on close your eyes when you give head. If you keep your eyes open and focus on the shaft your eyes will cross and it will become permanent. You must have started at a young age.

  • Yeah, he’s been on tour for a while. Started in Canada, I believe. He did two nights in Seattle last week, and for the first night Dave Matthews came out to sing a song. Second night he had Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready (lead singer and lead guitarist for Pearl Jam). I would have given a finger from each hand to go to those two shows. I adore Conan, and those are my two favorite musicians/bands.

    This was pretty damn funny, though!

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  • Fuck Conan, he’s sucks dick. He’s lucky that NBC paid his lame-ass off. 10 to 1 his tour flops and gets canceled cause he sucks so bad. If he made it on T.V. I guess anyone can. Oh yeah, almost forgot……Fuck Conan.