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More Trouble Brewing For Tiger Woods

Just when you thought Elin was going to take it lying down, it doesn’t look like she will — and in more ways than just beyond cracking the iron-clad chastity belt that she had welded on a few months back.

Although it seemed that Elin would be sticking with Tiger after the two were seen cozying up during tennis matches, dinners and joint-parent endeavors, sources at RadarOnline state that all is not what it seems to be.

Whether Elin’s pissed about Tiger’s entrance into the Masters or it was the dribs and drabs of mistresses still trickling down, sources claim that Elin has decided to spend “a lot” more time in her native country of Sweden and she wants to take the couple’s children with her.

The kids are said to be a point of bitter contention between the two; Tiger’s camp reportedly says that he’s dead-set against having his children moved halfway across the world, even if they are with the woman who bore them.

RadarOnline’s exclusive source states:

“There’s conflict between Tiger and Elin. And Elin doesn’t just give in and do what Tiger wants. She’s become very independent.”

Despite Tiger’s admittance to his affairs, he’s always maintained the position that he doesn’t want to be an absentee dad and that his love for his children exceeds everything. About his parenting, the source claims:

“Whatever anyone thinks of Tiger, he loves his children. You can’t criticize him as a parent at all.”

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  • “he loves his children”

    So therefore he breaks his vows to their mother – fucks countless whores – possibly breaks up his marriage, which will cause the children grief and anguish – and the one that kills me is, he conceives these children during the time he is fucking prostitutes, and porn stars and thus possibly picking up a disease and passing it on to his wife and unborn children.


  • The public is all up in arms about Tiger and JJ cheating on their wives. I think that these marriages were ‘open’ as long as the cheating was private. If Elin and Sandra were that upset about it and that shocked wouldn’t they have filed for divorce by now?

    • Are you kidding me? Do you really thing these two couples had “open” marriages when Tiger was screwing around while his wife was pregnant? Do you really think for as long as Sandra stayed single that she would marry a man that wanted an “open” relationship? Besides, not sure what state you live in but where I live the State requires that married couples filing for divorce MUST have a 90 “cooling off period” – meaning, divorce proceedings, including filings, could not move forward until those 90 were concluded. Regardless, I still think you statement is foolish.

      • My statement is foolish? You have no idea who SB and Elin are. All you know is what you see on TV. You are getting upset about two women who have no idea who YOU are?
        It is not that far fetched to think that two women, whose husbands have had numerous women on the side, actually knew all along about them and said nothing. If you think that it is unheard of to have an open marriage then you are the foolish one because it happens all the time in political marriages, high profile marriages and so on.

  • I think you can fault his parenting. He is completely disrespecting and insulting their mother. He is dragging them through his own mud and he will parade them out to garner public sympathy. He is a shitty husband and a shitty father.

  • Criticise him? Pshaw… while he was bangin’ away, every second of that could have been used spending time with his kids instead. So.. no…. not a good parent who would intentionally jeopardize a child’s stable living situation. Really.

  • Having had a terrible parent, I know that cheating does not a bad parent make. It’s easy to draw that conclusion, and I’m not saying that what he did was fine, but it’s not that cut and dry.

  • Cheating does ‘a bad parent make’. Children deserve to be raised by two parents whenever possible and the selfish acts that lead to divorce are emotionally devastating. Secondly, this sort of humiliating public scandal does not begin and end with Elin. Unless she plans on never letting the kids step foot out of the house, it will indeed come back to them – both in the form of adults but also their peers. Charming father, indeed.

    • And a parent that is violent and attacks with a golf club causing an accident is a good parent? A parent that knocks the other parent’s teeth out and causing them to be sent to the hospital is a good example?

      Your Christian values are failing you.

      • “Your Christian values” ?

        Where did that come from? White Cleats made no religious reference. Do not add religion or politics into an argument
        that has nothing to do with either.

        You fucking moron!

        See how that works?

      • You religious people are CONSTANTLY sticking your nose into politics to FORCE your religion on everyone else. Don’t then try to use the separation of church/state when it best suits you.

        White Cleats’ comment was about cheating and two parents raising a child. This is a Christian view of the world. The only thing White Cleats didn’t add to that statement was that it had to be parents of opposite sex.

      • “White Cleats’ comment was about cheating and two parents raising a child. This is a Christian view of the world”

        Honestly, are you that fucking stupid?

        A person has to be a religious zealot trying to “FORCE” their beliefs on someone if they should express a belief that parents should put their childrens well being ahead of their own?

        I’ll tell you what Einstein … I’ll love my kids and have to live with the shame of your considering me one of those horrible “religious people” and you can continue to fuck around on your spouse, beat your children, feed them chips and soda, run your meth lab, maintain your porn collection, steal from your employer….etc…etc…etc.

        I’m starting to get jealous now. Being a caring person is such a bummer. I wish I could not give a shit about people and start living the good life!

  • Echoing what everyone else has said. Just because he hasn’t cheated on his children by hanging out with other kids behind their backs, pushing the other kids on a swing, being there for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners instead of his own bio kids, he’s still a bad parent – he cheated on their mother, he exposed them in utero and their mother to diseases, he is an overentitled, overprivileged person who doesn’t deserve them.

    Enough with the hyperbole “spokes whores”.

  • Show me a male parent that would still have custody of the children AFTER smashing a car window causing it to crash and then smashing the other parent’s teeth out.

    You so called feminists would scream bloody murder if a man would be allowed within a mile of those kids. Apparently when the abuser is a female it is acceptable.

      • She did have a right to be angry, but that doesn’t justify responding violently. RealityCheck makes a good point in that respect. That doesn’t make what he did beyond criticism, though.

        This ‘you so called feminists’ thing is a load of bollocks, though. Just like bringing ‘your so called Christian values’ earlier, with White Cleats. You’re setting up straw men, RealityCheck, and it undermines your otherwise salient point.

      • He should have access to his children. There’s no way I would allow her to move across the world. It is possible to be a lousy partner, but a good parent. None of us has any idea what went on in that household.

      • Quote: This ‘you so called feminists’ thing is a load of bollocks

        Nope it isn’t. Real Feminists would have wanted equality. They would have seen how this woman’s violent actions should have caused her children to be taken away from her. Where are all the women on this website screaming for Tiger’s wife to be put in jail. Instead all these so-called feminists can focus on are how he cheat on her. You try to JUSTIFY the violence. Disgusting.

        It would have happened if it was a man doing the beating.

      • But I’m not a so-called feminist and have never claimed to be one, so it is bollocks because you’re applying it incorrectly to me, and others like me.

        You’re making a lot of assumptions on this thread! And I doubt you’ll find many people listening to what you’re trying to say while you’re slinging around unfounded accusations and stereotypes.

  • Good parent!?? A good dad does not spend countless hours fooling around with other women, all time that could have been spent with his children. He chose to make those other women a priority, instead of his family, over and over again. Tiger is a selfish, immature, spoiled brat. That is a fact any reasonable person should acknowledge.

  • Tiger Woods’ name will be associated with serial infidelity for a very long time. What his kids don’t discover on their own on the Internet (where this will live forever), their little playmates will be glad to tell them at some point in school. That’s probably half the reason their mother wants to raise them outside of the U.S. His fame means that his indiscretions will be part of his legacy and something that his kids will one day find out about – ALL about. Think of everything that has been plastered in the media about his affairs, all the details and body count and text messages, and realize that one day his kids will get to read ALL of it if they look it up. A good parent doesn’t jeopardize his children’s well-being by creating that potential situation. Someday this is going to be a very tough thing for his kids to comprehend…and they will be the ultimate judges of whether his actions factor into his “good parent” credentials.