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Quentin Tarantino Wants to Save Lindsay Lohan’s Career

Quentin Tarantino loves his little pet projects, doesn’t he? He made John Travolta relevant again when he put him in Pulp Fiction and now he’s reportedly trying to do the same thing with Lindsay Lohan. A source close to Quentin said that he has his eye on the unemployable actress for some time now and is convinced that he has the perfect role for her in an upcoming project.

The source told Absolute Now, “Lindsay is just the kind of character Quentin loves. No-one expects her to do anything significant on film ever again but he has at least one role he feels she would be perfect for. It’s a shocking, hardcore character but it will put her back on the map…”

Shocking and hardcore may be the last thing that we need to see from ol’ Linds these days (I’d like to see her play a nun. That’d be acting), but I’d love to see her working with QT. There’s no denying that the man’s a genius and whatever he winds up doing with her is sure to be a positive move for her career.

Don’t fuck it up, Lindsay!

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  • I think shocking and hardcore is exactly what Lindsay needs. She needs to just fucking embrace her complete lack of composure. The more she apologized for her behavior, the more people hated her. She’s gotta just say, “Yeah, I’m fucked up. Now lets use that.” It’ll probably cool her down a lot to just be given the freedom to not feel pressured to have a squeaky clean image. She’s sorta the female Mickey Rourke.

    • Female Mickey Rourke….or…speaking of Angel Heart She’s Lisa Bonet (who is doing well now).

  • “I’d like to see her play a nun. That’d be acting”

    Yes, there is always one nun in the bunch that loves to snort coke, have a bottle of vodka for breakfast, eat pussy, and spread their legs and show their freckled vagina.

    Sister Sticky of Our Lady of Labia!

      • Yeah… Hence my implication that she CAN’T ACT and would thus be her same whoring, worthless self when trying to be a nun!

        GET IT?

        Huh? DO YOU GET IT?


  • I don’t see why he should give a shit about her career. Honestly, she wasn’t such a great actress. Even in “Mean Girls” she wasn’t exactly wowwing me with her performance. If she doesn’t care about her career and is more concerned with clothing line, why should he?

  • “The man’s a genius” – Are you kidding?
    Ripping off other great films and doing everything for the sake of being cool does not make you a genius.

    “Look how fucking cool I am!” sums him up perfectly.

  • She should play a wasted, beat up addict falling movie star that goes to India to save kidnapped girls who are forced to work for their pimps or in a sweat shop.. but it really doing it for publicity and gets found out.. oh wait..

  • Is that a real photo? as her body looks masive in it compared to her head… Her boobies look HUGE and not in a good way. she had a GREAT look but her face is so aged she really has lost her glow. I’ll hazzard a guess she still sees herself in the same way that all of her promotional photos are now – with the contrast button zapped up… FIllers and botox and clean living are desperatly required and a HUGE relaity check. that sounds mean now i re read it, but i can’t take it back!

    She had it all so maybe she can get something close to it all back again? I thought she was a reasonable actress.

  • oh man… Anyone who works with Tarantino wins. He really is a genius! as annoying as LL is, im hopeful that this happens.. would be nice to see her get a little dignity back…