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What the Hell is With Tiger’s New Nike Commercial?

The execs at Nike thought that it’d be a good commercial concept to channel Tiger’s dead father. Tiger’s dad, who passed away in 2006, was resurrected via Hollywood magic in order to give the fallen golf-star a stern talking-to regarding his multiple indiscretions.

What do you guys think, pretty artistic or just … kinda creepy?

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  • He is who I thought he was – only much, much worse and in the court of public opinion he loses every match – the real test will be when leaves the protection of Augusta and the fans let him have it – not during the backswing but in between holes on those lonely walks……his wife must sit up nights wondering what disaeases he transferred to her and her kids.

  • Sp pathetically superficial it is ludicrous.
    But then, so will be the people who think that is a meaningful commercial spot.

    What was Tiger thinking? Gee Dad, just like you were, my dick was doing the thinking!!!

    Let’s see, what I learned, Dad? I learned that getting caught sucks. And that really, all the sponsors care about is me playing golf again. So I’m back! Look at my sad face. Okay, forgive me now because after all, I don;’t have to really CHANGE, I just have to say I went to rehab.

    Please tell me exactly how that inane commercial represents Nike’s current items in stores? Blech.

  • He’s desperate for cash and had to drag the corpse of his dead dad out of the crypt to help kick start the funds again. It’s been done before…..Natalie Cole did some “duets” with her long dead father and sold quite a few albums because of it. Tiger is a piece of Blasian shit, and I for one could give a damn if he ever overcomes his pathetic behavior. Fuck off Tiger Woods, just fuck off!

  • I don’t find it creepy, I find it sad that he would use his dad like that. For WHICH EVER reason, I don’t give a fuck.

    What the hell, the man is dead. Nothing’s sacred anymore?! Pathethic.

    Now I hate you Tiger, and I hope you never recover from this whole thing.

  • I think it’s ridiculously ironic!!!! Tiger’s dad “judging” him from the dead? WTF??? Earl Woods was as bad as Tiger, it just wasn’t made public. His father was a complete man whore in his day. This commercial is absolutely stupid.

  • He’s a golfer not a priest. At least he’s fucking adults. All you mackerel snappers can suck on that.

    • Hear, hear! THANK you, evilbeetdouche.

      I fail to see how Tiger cheating on his wife has anything to do with golf or tennis shoes. If we’ve fallen so low that we’re now looking to professional athletes for our moral guidance, then I am depressed for our society.

      That being said, I think this commercial is utterly creepy and beyond tasteless, but somehow I think it was more of a Nike/PR idea than Tiger’s own. For some reason the world has decided that Tiger owes millions of complete strangers heartfelt apologies for what was a private matter.

      I’m tired of people acting like they’re fucking ENTITLED to an apology and groveling from Tiger Woods. He doesn’t owe you people anything. Get off your collective judgmental high horse.

  • i’m surprised his pr would think marketing something like his scandal and dead father with an endorsement from Nike was smart.

    It’s creepy to me that it is an ad for Nike, not that his dad’s voice is being recreated for the spot.

    As if after watching this I would think about buying some shoes.