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Check It: The Coolest Couple in the World

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves look like a match made in boho-heaven, yeah? I mean, damn. They’re off the charts. These guys are cooler than ice cold.

The couple made headlines in 2007 when they first started dating and have progressively gotten cooler — individually and as a couple — each year thereafter. For real. And Camila? She just gave birth to their latest child, Vida, in January. And she looks fabulous and not fabulous in that “I-didn’t-really-carry-this-child-for-nine-months-way,” either. She looks like you, she looks like me: she’s just beautiful.

Obviously, I am so in love with these two and their amazing little family.

The recently-expanded family was photographed yesterday in Malibu on their way to a buddy’s beachfront birthday party.

McConaughey’s right and the dude proves it ev-er-y day:

“You just gotta keep on livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.”

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  • I’m sorry but I can’t believe you think Matthew Mc Conaoughney is anywhere near cool. he is as close to cool as the peak of mt. Everest is from the center of the earth. as close to cool, as is likely heidi montag ever read a book from cover to cover.
    He is the king of the not-cool, of dorky movies with crappy plot lines, where his script reads as many times “..and now you take your shirt off” as it does actual lines. he is unbelievable cheesy. words that come to mind are: boring jock type lay-it-on-thick cleft chin veneers apple pie munchin’ howdy yall-how’s-about-we-get-a-drink-you-and-me-after-some-frisbee-in-the-park-and-talk-about-my-biceps-in-the-setting-sun.

    dear lord…

  • I have been watching too much Ali G today. I read that with his voice in my head. Check it. For real.

    • Could you be any more lame, evilbeetdouche? Go yank your tiny little dick to an Estelle Getty photo and quit trying to be funny. If there’s a god above he’s wishing you’d been born without fingers and had to type with stumps, you stupid fucker.

      • Thanks, “Anonymous.” I bet that comment was the closest you’ve ever come to posting anything interesting on this or any other blog.

      • Yawn. Are you in the third grade, anonymous troll? Could your curt responses to my comments have been any more trite, boring, and unimaginative? You at least showed some heart and gumption when you responded to EBD, above.
        If you didn’t like my play on “Vida,” fine, but your responses to my comments have been unsubstantive and very much like the inane scribblings of a schoolchild on a bathroom stall.

    • You know that Vida just means life in Spanish, right? Or do you genuinely think that was a witty barb? Either way, I agree with anon – LAME.

      • The play was on “L-I-V-I-N” and “Vida” and the fact that Ricky Martin is once again in the news, but if you think it was lame, no worries. Can’t win ’em all.

  • why are they cool? didnt know the cool thing now is not taking baths and buy ugly clothes…


    • Right! Plus she’s kind of snotty and has nothing good to say. No personality at all, at least on the show.