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Aww, Guess Who Has an Easter Birthday?

Two guesses: it’s America’s favorite unwed teen mother that doesn’t have an asshat for a mom … oh, wait.  Sorry, leading question —  my bad!

Happy Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

America’s first teen-pregnancy-Disney-princess turns a ripe, old nineteen today.  I checked in to see if anything new was happening with the lovely Miss Spears, but the latest headlines were from two weeks ago when it looked like she might move on in with big sis, Britney.  Guess that didn’t pan out all too well — and good for you, kid, good for you.

What’s the difference between Jesus and Jamie Lynn Spears?  One of them had a career that was  resurrected!

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  • Good old # 19 for Jamie Lynn. She has really turned into quite the looker. This time next year, she’ll no longer be a teen mom. It’ll be at least another year from now before she can be affectionately described as a Milf, without giving everyone the creeps.
    In (more) important celebrity birthday news, today is also Robert Downey Jr.’s b-day. Happy birthday, Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man!

  • I think it’s great that unlike many starlets of the moment who are photographed in and out of clubs at all hours, or having xxx pics posted, or screwing anything male or female, Jamie Lynn is at least living a quiet life, and raising and enjoying her daughter.

    There’s alot to be said for that, for a mother of any age.

  • It’s my birthday today as well! :) I believe today would also have been Heath Ledger’s b-day.