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This is Who Jake Gyllenhaal is Dating Now, I Guess.

Rumors were circulating a few weeks ago that Jake G. was dating none other than my personal female celebrity crush, Rachel McAdams, but “sources” are refuting that and upping the ante on speculation.

The woman in question is Isabel Lucas, who is most famously known as Adrien Grenier’s ex-girlfriend and/or the girl that was Shia LaBeouf’s passenger when he wrecked his truck that one time. However, Lucas is more than a pretty face: she took part in Steven Spielberg’s WWII miniseries, The Pacific (which rocked according to the nerd in me) and also had a role playing Alice in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

According to Lainey Gossip, they had recent eyewitnesses that conveyed Gyllenhaal’s up-close-and-personal with Lucas:

“The McJakey campaign was born after Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal presented together at the Oscars. Unfortunately there will be no McJakey. Not yet. Because it looks like Jakey is tied up with someone else.

Jake is currently shooting a movie in Montreal called Source Code. Last night he was spotted at Garde Manger and I’m told exclusively that he was ‘all cuddled up’ with Isabel Lucas. She’s the actress from Transformers 2. The one who was with Shia LaBeouf on the night he fucked up his hand in that accident even though she was supposedly dating Adrian Grenier at the time. In any case, she is the hotness.

Jakey was wearing a white shirt over jeans, apparently even hotter in real life. When he wasn’t wrapped around her, he was trying to get Isabel to dance with him. She seemed shy. And he didn’t seem to be missing Reese at all. Or, for that matter, Rachel.”

What do you guys think? A trade-up from Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon or just another flash in the pan?

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  • Pretty enough girl, but Jake is absolutely gorgeous (and my biggest celeb crush other than Dallas Green), so on looks alone, he could do better.

  • She better drop that man and get on with her life if she wants any happiness, or spend her time waiting for him to return from seeking his pleasure in out in the open thrill of getting caught liasons, and taking his vacation trips to fire island where anything goes. Even Reese took the kids with her to visit Jake there, so she wasn’t quite the shy and innocent about his feelings. That whole Gyllenhaal family is seriously messed up..

  • Scary pic. Her eyes follow you around the room. C’mon just because you go out one night and have cocktails and hang all over somebody doesn’t make them your new girlfriend. It’s called being single.

  • I think she was on Home and Away back here in Australia. It’s like Neighbours, but they’re all thinner somehow. Or maybe she was on neighbours.. i dunno.

  • A famous Aussie from Home And Away, Tash. I met her in Paris, she’s quite lovely but rather shy, which surprised me. She is generally a lot more attractive than this! haha.

  • this chick is sooo annoying! she pissed me off on H&A the three times i watched it and she pisses me off now!