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Sting Calls For “Reefer Madness”

Sting, otherwise known as Gordan Matthew Thomas Sumner, has gotta be a stoner.  He speaks out via blog and discusses an issue that some consider taboo and forbidden — the legalization of marijuana.  Sting states:

“The ‘War on Drugs’ has failed – but it’s worse than that. It is actively harming our society. Violent crime is thriving in the shadows to which the drug trade has been consigned. People who genuinely need help can’t get it. Neither can people who need medical marijuana to treat terrible diseases.  We are spending billions, filling up our prisons with non-violent offenders and sacrificing our liberties.  For years, the ‘Drug War’ has been used as a pretext to lock people in prison for exorbitant lengths of time – people whose ‘crimes’ never hurt another human being, people who already lived at the margins of society, whose voices were the faintest and whose power was the least.  Meanwhile, resources to fight genuine crime – violent crime – have been significantly diminished.”

It’s not surprising that Sting’s a supporter of pot — anyone who rocks that mountain-man facial hair and wears Free People sweaters has gotta toke it up once in awhile.  Come on, where do you think he got the inspiration for his mad zen-tantric sex moves?

Oh, yeah, and do you agree with the music man’s sentiments?

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    • Yes, because once it’s legal, we should be taxed for wanting to use it. Please do tax my lifestyle choices.

      • If it wasn’t for his hairline, I wouldn’t even have recognized him. Good for Sting for vocalizing the truth. It doesn’t matter if you use it or not, our current drug policy isn’t good for anyone.

      • well, would you rather pay the black market tax which goes directly to organized crime, street gangs, and terrorist groups; or a government tax which would save our nation something like $50 BILLION every year (before we add in the revenue from new taxes) while freeing nearly a million people from jail? I wouldn’t be surprised if the consumer price for ganja drops after legalization as well. Right now in WA it’s running about $350 an ounce, about a quarter of the price of gold right now if you can believe that.

        We could probably afford to pay for treatment for everyone who wants it with this revenue and have enough left over to provide free preventative medical treatment for everyone else.

      • Not to mention that when it is homegrown, legally (like it is in several parts of Northern California) it a) is a HUGE cash crop, b) produces many, many other fine materials besides the fun, toking kind, and c) you get WAAAAAAY better quality at better prices.

        Oh yeah – go Sting, you mountain bear man you!

  • This looks works for him. I find his “mountain man” look very attractive. grrrrr…..(growls like a bear)

  • Not that I want to agree with someone in a sweater that … unique … but the guy’s got a point. So-called “drug crimes” pale when compared with the horrific violence that is never addressed. Rock on, Sting.

  • Not sure why it follows that you’d have to be a “supporter of pot” to agree with Sting’s position. He’s not saying “dope’s great, everyone should smoke it,” he’s saying the current system is fucked up, and has had consequences far worse than it was intended to prevent.

    And he’s right.

  • Definitely legalize it. I guess we will just have to wait until all the old stuck-in-their-way people die, to see it legalized. sigh…

  • I’m voting “yes” on the Calif. initiative when it comes on the ballot this November. How stupid is it have MJ illegal while alcohol is not — a stupid-assed double standard if there ever was one, especially when the latter has shown to be much more destructive than the former (and that’s coming from an dedicated Irish drunk, btw).

    And what’s up with Sting and this new look? All that’s missing is the shopping cart full of recyclables. Get a shave, bro’.

  • Sting is absolutely correct on alot of his points about the ‘War on Drugs’. Having had contact with prisoners as part of my job, going to jail or prison for possession or small-time sales is absolutely overboard. Think about the people in jail and prison; murderers, child molesters, rapists, etc. Now think of the person who sits next to you in your English class, the one who sometimes smells of weed. Do those two people really belong in the same place as “punishment”?

    I’m a medical marijuana patient; I have severe, chronic abdominal pain that not only interferes with my ability to go to school and hold down a job, but also leaves me with cycles of not being able to eat unless absolutely necessary.

    My doctors have put me on a presciption pain medication for general pain control, and they have approved the use marijuana when I have what we call “breakthrough pain” (i.e. a bad stomach ache, or severe nausea). In comparison to what prescription medication can do to a chronic pain patient, marijuana has far fewer side-effects.

    Mainly my concern now is the stigma of being a medical marijuana patient, because I do hold a license in my field to do what I do, though I DO NOT currently work right now until I get my medication under control. In the meantime, I’m just a normal college student. But not everyone sees it that way, and there’s that stereotype to deal with.

    I hope more people become openminded about this topic. Sorry for the length of this comment, too! lol

  • The worst drug problem the U.S. has is ALCOHOL. The majority of violent crimes are linked to alcohol, and that is certainly one way in which the war on drugs has failed. However, the War on Drugs has not entirely failed; it’s difficult to know exactly where we’d be or what sort of problems we’d have without drug enforcement. Illegal marijuana, just really isn’t that big of deal – its black market is not very violent save a few isolated incidents, and actually, the drug dealers clogging up our prisons are crack dealers serving the 5 year crack mandatory, not marijuana dealers. Also, if we legalized marijuana, it’d be dirt cheap and difficult for the government to exorbitantly tax it so there goes that argument. If they’re going to legalize it, I think the taxes should go towards treating heroin, meth, coke, and alcohol addiction.

    • I had meant to make that point in my previous comment – that the big time, hardcore dealers who sell things like methaphetamines, crack/coke, and heroin are the ones who should be locked up.

      Alcohol is absolutely so much worse than marijuana, I can’t even begin to explain without going into major detail.

    • I’ll agree with you on some points, other than the notion that legal marijuana is “cheap.” If you have ever had the pleasure of purchasing weed at a Cannabis Club in S.F. then you would know that the good shit ain’t cheap! :)

  • I don’t really care whether or not it’s legalized, but for him to say that incarcerated users and pushers have not hurt anybody is ignorant. And those medical marijuana cards?. A dime a dozen.

  • Legalize it! Let’s call a day on the war on drugs. Let’s stop putting huge numbers of black men in jail on marijuana related charges. I’d rather purchase weed from a reputable dealer, not mine! LOL j/k

  • But, yes.. we want everyone to be mellow, inert and teaching the kiddo’s to do the same as it’s harmless and not smoking really, there is many ways and means to take it and not harm a cell of your body.. I mean they won’t let a child take an aspirin at school and smelling second hand pot fumes, or injesting it will make everyone smarter.. really it will.

  • How stupid is it have MJ illegal while alcohol is not — my brother is a hardline-hardassed-hardcase by the book Texas State Trooper, and even this staunch, irons his own pants just to get the crease just right conservative tells me alcohol is a far bigger problem than MJ – especially on the highways. But, it will probably never be legalized… some of the biggest lobbyists are the gun and alcohol boys and girls… would you want someone cutting into your market? If the Govonator really wants to save his term, really try to save California, make his mark as a politician… THEN LEGALIZE THE STUFF ARNIE!!! MAKE THE FIRST TOWARDS IT! Just tell them, ‘hey baby, you smoke it and we’ll tax it. Snoop Dogg alone will probably fund your healthcare

    And what’s up with Sting and this new look? All that’s missing is the shopping cart full of recyclables. Get a shave, bro’.