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Kate Bosworth is Totally Hitting That.

Kate “I-haven’t-heard-much-about-you-since-dating-Orlando-Bloom” Bosworth has recently been linked to another piece of Hollywood hotness that’s not Orlando Bloom.

Sources say that Bosworth’s newest beau is none other than Alexander Skarsgard. The two hung out “as friends” this past winter, but spies from E! claimed that Skarsgard and Bosworth looked awfully cozy on a recent date where Skarsgard kissed Kate’s hands and made googly-eyes at her. The E! insider states that “they were laughing all throughout lunch and looked cozy on [their] date.”

Either way, cool. Bosworth, although kind of waffling toward obscurity, seems like a pretty cool chick even if the majority of her notoriety comes from losing a whole lot of weight that one year, but her Wiki better update their shit. As of today, it states that she’s dating James Rousseau and we all know that was, like, so last month.

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  • The Kate Bosworth photo to which Sarah linked has obviously been photoshopped. It took me all of 3 minutes to find an unaltered photo from the same set. It unfortunate the “editors” of this blog couldn’t be bothered to do the same.

    • It was a joke; an embellishment if you will, merely to highlight the drastic weight-loss that Bosworth suffered. I’m merely surprised that you didn’t recognize the photo right off the bat. It had gone viral years back when it first came out.

      • But did you really have to use the altered photo? Her real weight loss was drastic enough…not really something that needed to be embellished.

      • Oh, okay, it was a joke. I forgot how hilarious purported eating disorders can be. Were this blog not regularly filled with inaccuracies, it would be much easier to recognize intentional “embellishments”.

  • The picture of Skarsgard that is used in this article is well known for being photoshopped by a fan–that’s not even his body!