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We Need To Back Off Of Michelle ‘Bombsell’ McGee

Michelle “Bombsell” McGee has been called a lot of names recently for being the first woman to come out and say that she was sleeping with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, but a “bad businesswoman” will not be one of them! The tattoo model’s website launched today (NSFW, but and in addition to $9.95 “sneak-a-peek” at the naughty goodies that are yet to come, there’s also a statement that was posted by her webmaster:

“To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption. We were caught off guard, but we will have our full pay-site up in the next couple weeks.

We…know that the entire world is waiting to hear from Michelle regarding all of the extreme bullshit that is being thrown around out there. We DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion…Soon Michelle will be able to clear the air in her first interview since this scandal broke.”

You gotta love that they’re like, “If we were trying to ruin Jesse James’ life, we’d at least be making money off of it.” That reasoning actually endears me to Michelle quite a bit. I have to say, I kind of believe the girl. She has a small-town nobody vibe about her, she meets someone famous off MySpace who says that he’s split from his A-list wife, of course she’s going to carry on an affair with him and then feel hurt when she sees that he was lying. Sure, a more reasonable person maybe wouldn’t be so gullible and emotionally open to a glorified MySpace hook up, but we all know someone in our own lives that falls for shit like this and we feel badly for them because they’re kind of pathetic and lack dignity. I don’t think that makes her a bad person, just a semi-troubled one.

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  • There’s a rule that I like to follow: Don’t pluck mother fuckers off MySpace! This is a grown ass woman, not some sad, emotional 11th grader with a lactose intolerance problem. Say it with me, ladies…No MySpace jump offs! None!

  • I think posing with swastikas pushes her over the edge and into “bad person” territory.
    There’s really no excuse for that. She knew what she was doing.

    • yeah. I don’t really forgive Nazis. Just a personal rule.

      sleeping with married people? bad. promoting racism and genocide? Um, fuck you for life.

      • Exactly.
        I said on an earlier post about this that I might be able to work through an infidelity. But if the person my husband fucked was a Nazi, all bets are off and I’m calling a divorce lawyer.
        I wouldn’t even vicariously fuck a Nazi.

  • I don’t buy the “I had no idea he was married” crap. Hell, I don’t have a TV but I know that they were very much married.

  • How can you possibly “kind of believe the girl”? The PR quote from their website mentions they “DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion”. How does that at all gel with her white power tattoos and fun with swastikas? Even if you yourself Molls are a white supremacist, you must see the lie. Even if you think that genocide is a great idea put forth by sweet innocent people, how can you “kind of believe the girl”?

    You must be kidding Molls! I will have to chalk this post up to well disguised sarcasm. Either that or assume you think the white power thing is just swell.

    • Sadly, I don’t think she was being sarcastic here at all. I tried to come up with words to explain my take on this post, but I have none. Wow. Again.

  • Hunh? She didn’t plan getting paid a reported $30,000 to talk to a magazine about her affair with a famous married guy who she initiated contact with and then had sex with?

    Or she didn’t plan on the additional financial opportunities that would arise from the exposure (sic) selling porn?

    I guess the webmaster was the last one to know, after Sandra.

  • As if!!

    As if she didnt know she was was going to create a media storm by breaking the story RIGHT AFTER Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for best actress.

    Shes a terrible person! Greedy, and heartless.

    I feel very sorry for Sandra. Such a beautiful, wonderful human being doesnt deserve this bullshit.

  • Molls, sometimes your age is so painfully obvious! You are clearly still thinking like a selfish little girl if you can tolerate this nasty woman in any way. Let’s see how you feel when your marriage is in a rough place and some tattoo-covered, White supremacist skank sucks off your husband….I am guessing you’ll think she is a bad person…not just troubled. Grow up Molls – geez!

  • Are you so effing stupid as to take this skanky white trash for her lying word? This racist bitch deserves our backs and nothing more. I am now turning mine on your stupid site.

    • To paraphrase Gaboury Sidibe: When you get a tattoo on your face, you’re pretty much saying, “I’ve gone about as far as I’m going to go in life. In fact, I think I’ll take a few steps back.”


    • tattoos that say “suicide”, “sinner”, etc. and seem to show support for violence and nazi ideals seem to also point to her being more of a bad (and really troubled) person and less of a “semi-troubled” person.

  • Wow Molls, you’re fucking stupid. I hope some racist dirty nazi whore steals your significant other some day. Like someone else said this is a grown ass woman not some stupid teenager, the only reason someone would feel sorry for her or “kind of” believe her is if they were low enough to pull the same kind of shit themselves, nice.

  • wait, i was under the impression that she told us she did it for the fame/money for her kid and was literally using Jesse to get her some exposure.

    “She has a small-town nobody vibe about her” WTF!

    Molls, you make me sick for even feeling slightly sorry or sad for this girl.
    The only person we should pity here is her child who has such a shitty messed up Narcissist for a mother.

    By the way Michelle Moron McGee,
    they photoshopped the hell outta that photo and unfortunately we all know what you really look like.

  • she got paid $30,000 to be america’s most hated whore.

    not worth it, i say. always get six digits.

  • Sandra deserves better! Is there a chance of reconciliation? Hell no I hope Sandra has better sense than what Jesse apparently lacked. I know we are tieednif seeing good people being humiliated. Jesse you know the drill….. Stay in denile that your not a dirt bag!

  • It’s a nice change of pace to have the ‘hate’ directed against someone who not only posed with Nazi garb but also did the nasties with a very well known, very married man. When people say they hate Kate Gossling, I can see where they don’t care for her based on what they’ve seen play out tv but real hate belongs to people like Jesse James and Tattoo Hootchie Momma Nazi Lady. Molls, say something here. Were you really being sympathetic or were you being sarcastic?

    I kinda wish web sites and magazines and tv entertainment shows would quit giving these scum bags any press. The less attention a train wreck gets, the faster it goes away! I’m officially changing the channel or scrolling past these ‘stories’ from now on.

    • Exactly!
      Earlier reports said that she took the interview money because she had a family to support. Really? How much did the ink that you have all over your body run you? As far as posing with the Nazi garb, she did it for attention. The more money she makes in her 15 minutes of fame, the better. Guess she had better grab all of the press while she can, because by summer we’ll by saying, “Michelle who”? Hope she invests that 30 grand wisely.

  • Is the “Bombsell” misspelling an example of you trying to be clever, or are you still not bothering to spell-check? It’s impossible to tell because your posts are always such a mangled English mess. As far as the content of this latest cringe-worthy gem…if you believe this chick had NO WAY of knowing he was still with his wife (she couldn’t possibly have verified that, really?), and she just happened to have a story worth $30,000 with no prior planning, and her Nazi/White Power schtick is just for kicks, then I have TONS of oceanfront property in Boise that might interest you.

  • Jesse wants that, who’s to blame. He did it! he must face the consequences. Whatever!