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Manson Liked It So He Went and Put a Ring On It

While circus freaks Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson left a restaurant last night in LA , the female half of the relationship wore a ring on its all-important finger … and just to clear that up, in case there was any confusion, it was Wood sporting the bling, not Manson.

The two started dating back in December of 2006 when Wood was just a mere twenty years old; Manson is twenty years her senior. The two had a ridiculously tumultuous relationship involving blood, gore, cutting and obsession and split in 2008. Although Wood claimed her relationship with Manson was “healthy and loving”, Manson went overboard with the dramatics of the breakup and admitted to cutting himself with broken glass in order to alleviate his psychosis pain. He also filmed a music video which portrayed a Wood look-alike being tortured and slaughtered after their breakup.  After their split, he also admitting his unwavering desire in “smashing in her skull with a sledgehammer.”

In January 2010, the two confirmed rumors that they were back together and up until the two being spotted in public with an engagement ring, the idea remained speculation. You can see in the photos where the couple is leaving LA’s STK restaurant while Wood surreptitiously tries to “conceal” the ring and Manson stares off into the distance like a feeble old grandpappy. Ah, a match made by Dante in heaven.

Tell me this isn’t an OJ Simpson case waiting to happen.

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  • Sarah you’re posts are awesome. I love the humor in them, it doesn’t sound forced like some other posts.

  • I like Evan Rachel Wood. Call it a flaw. But I really do. Manson is sort of a nobody on my radar. I think he’s just childish. But they must have good chemistry. I know what it’s like to have good chemistry with the wrong guy.

  • Evan is so talented, and there is another photo of them with a close up on Manson, Jesus he’s not aging well, especially with that clown make-up he insists on wearing. He looks so old and his chin has receded even more than ever.

    He must have a magical personality to have pulled this off.

  • I am very happy for them, Marilyn Manson is really attractive to many people, including myself, a regular wife/mom, I think he is beautiful, I love his music and he is super intelligent. I have been enjoying his music since way back when am 30 now and have listened to his music since 95 or so, Good luck to both of them , I think they are both beautiful…If they are happy then fuck what people say!