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Amy Winehouse is Going Ape-Shit … Again.

Ladies and gentlemen, pull your cars off of the road and lock up the children that want to get their permits … Amy Winehouse is begging for driving lessons.  And a machete.

If that’s not a frightening visual, I don’t know what is.

Winehouse took to her Twitter account yesterday and crazily-blabbered about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle all Indiana Jones-like:


I NEEEEEEEEEED DRIVING machete BUT.IWANT.DRIVING.LESSONS.MORE> auntie rene more.! i’ll pay, you jus come’ long fo’ craziness.

auntie rene, come help me it’ll be me an violetta. i kkkkknow i’ve misssed the point of this but. but this this this this this this this

Yes, Aim, you’ve missed the point big time … and no one wants to see your crazy, strung-out ass driving a big rig, brandishing the point of a sharp blade while doing so.  Ever.

For the love of God, “Auntie Rene”, tell Winehouse “no, no, no.”

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  • People are saying “driving lessons” and “machete” are code names for drugs. And Aunt Rene is her dealer.

    It DOES make more sense reading it back.

    • God, it really does, doesn’t it? And although it wasn’t obvious at first to my dense, goody-goody ass, this entire tweet is pretty explicit to put on a public forum, no? I wonder,can cops (English or otherwise) use someone’s twitter posts as probable cause? A pretty sad example of what addiction can do to a person, if it really is about drugs.