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Ooh, Elin’s Gonna Be Pissed!

Just when we thought the shitshow of Tiger Woods’ personal life was over, yet another mistress comes forward — making this his 15th.

The woman goes by the name of “Devon James” (James seems to be a popular name in the adult entertainment industry, for some reason) and she’s an “entertainer” out of Florida. She allegedly rode Tiger’s stallion from 2006 to 2008 and participated in some of Tiger’s more, ah, girl-on-girl requests. She also claims that she was the golf guru’s first “sext.” James claims that Tiger would text her incessantly, inquiring if she’d be his whore.

As for why the woman didn’t emerge sooner? Well, she claims that it was because she kind of felt bad for the little boy who’d been punished and socially castrated in the beginning and hardly wanted to add fuel to the fire, but methinks it probably had more to do with being involved with another sex-addicted pseudo-celebrity and less with plain good will. I mean, come on … she seems like a busy lady, right? Handling all these affairs can be a time-consuming thing, don’t you know.

Well, well, Tiger. Fifteen, huh? Elin was reportedly bear-in-a-cave pissed that Joslyn James released those graphic text messages, I can’t imagine what she’s going to think now, what with fifteen on the plate.  Fuck, to be honest, I was kind of hoping for three more and then he could have one for every hole on the green.  No pun intended.

You can check out photos of Devon James in the gallery below, but I warn you … she kind of resembles Snooki in some of them and that was an image that even I had to scour my brain with steel wool in order to rid it.

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  • wow. he likes ’em SKANKY. spray tan, fake boobs, fug face, skunk highlights…daddy like!

    elin honey get thee to a doctor and then a divorce lawyer. pronto. jaysus!

  • The ratings for the Masters are gonna be through the roof. How did Tiger have time to practice?
    Hey Sarah, glad to have you-I am happy to see you are posting plenty for all of us to comment on. We seem to be on the verge of becoming an angry mob in here so hopefully this will calm everybody down.
    I’m glad I don’t have to click on Perez and be forced to look at his infantile penis drawings in order to get my gossip fix.

  • pretty sure elin left him after the text messages from the strippers and porn stars came to light.

  • im genuinely confused and worried. am i totally naive? all these married men are stepping out with women that are far less attractive and classy than their wives. WHY? what is the reason? SEX? Would you risk your family, your reputation, your long term happiness just for better sex?

  • elin’s not going to leave him for a couple more years when it hits the mark that she can divorce him and get all that money. just wait!

  • Christ, I met her once at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, she looked just as bad there. Wonder if he payed?

  • ugh! all these skanks seem to be so unattractive (Jesse james mistress as well)

    I guess they don’t rely on face for anything, but if i were a man i would be grossed out by the trashiness and ugly mugs.

    Sarah, you rock!!!
    So glad to see less of molls on here, it is like a breath of fresh air.
    I had taken a two week hiatus from the beet, stopped by today and was so happy to see that maybe sasha was taking some of our complaints seriously, finally! :)