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Jesse James REALLY Wants to Make It With Sandra Bullock

And how could you blame him? It’s not a hard comparison to make — crazy, Nazi-bitch porn star or gorgeous Oscar-winning cash cow that just happened to find some attraction in your ugly, philandering mug. Really, it’s not a huge stretch to wonder who he’d indefinitely want to be with.

Sources say that James is feeling pretty low and very contrite at the moment; Bullock allegedly left the two’s shared home over a week ago and Jesse’s claiming to do everything in his power to win her back and take care of his children, who he doesn’t want to be “affected” by his “mishaps.”

The friend who’s speaking out on James’ behalf states:

“You’re talking about one of the most beautiful, talented women in the world, just an absolute wonderful human being, and there’s a great loss to him and his children.”

No doubt — a great loss to his personal empire as well as his joint bank account.

You lay down with dogs, Sandy, sometimes you get fleas … and mange … and the HERP.  You seem like an admirable, strong-willed woman, Ms. Bullock, so go and get some Frontline Plus and wash that louse right out of your hair or call the Orkin man or something.  Please.   And while you’re at it, sleep with him.  He’d be a total upgrade from Jesse “Nazi-fucker” James.

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  • I agree with you 100% Sarah. Actually you showed remarkable restraint when choosing the adjectives to describe that piece of shit. I hope he suffers like a mother fucker. I hope he rots from the inside out from whatever virus he must have picked up from that tattooed nazi whore.

  • I will never understand how someone could cheat on Sandra.. but well, I guess that’s how life goes. If I were her I would NEVER get back with him, not because he cheated on me, but because he cheated on me with an ugly nazi disgusting whore.

    • I hope she dumps him, but according to one of his ex’s, he’s a constant cheater AND he forced one of his employees to have sex with him and locked her into his shop. So his behavior is that of a sex addict and has nothing in specific to do with Sandra.

      For people like him, it’s not about the woman, it’s about the next high.

  • I think that thing that makes me the most upset for Sandra is that it finally seemed like she was getting the family she always wanted. She found a guy that seemed to support her and kids that she connected with and loved. It’s one thing to loose a spouse to possibly have to loose children too is really heartbreaking.

    • I’m with you 127% on this one – the fact that she went to bat with him in court over the last year to help secure sole custody of Sonny (while James was cheating on her) and she appeared to be nothing short of a devoted, doting mother to all of his children is heartbreaking. Why can’t there be some way to ditch the cheating douche and keep the kids? But sadly, she’s not going to have much of a say at all in that one, not being biologically tied to any of them… no, they get to stick around with crazy porn-star mom in the halfway house and philandering douche-bag dad. AWESOME!

      Also… the pre-Oscar Barbara Walters special? I-R-O-N-Y.

      • In California stepparents actually do have some parental rights, especially if they’ve filled the role for the majority of a kid’s life. It takes a lot of fighting, but she can afford the lawyers she’ll need to do that for her. Hasn’t she been around for Sunny’s whole life?

  • Who would have thought that a man previously married to a porn star would ever cheat on Sandra? WHO????

    You people are dumb. And so is Sandra Bullock.

    • Agreed. Although I do feel sorry for her- she put herself in this situation. The signs were all there: daredevil adrenaline junkie always looking for the next high; was married to a porn star (at the time that Sandra and he started dating); believes himself to be above the law, social mores, etc.

      I would never have gotten with him in the first place and when I first heard she was with him, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. She needs to divorce him. She can still have a relationship with the kids. But there’s no need to be with someone that deceitful. I don’t care if he’s a sex addict- it’s still not an excuse to put your wife and kids through something like this- period.

  • I read on another site, that they had a prenup..he keeps his own stuff and she keeps hers..thier money and finances were kept seperate…I hope that is true..and she should dump him..he has a history of being a cheater, it will happen again…

  • “You’re talking about one of the most beautiful, talented women in the world, just an absolute wonderful human being,”

    Ummmm, Jesse probably should’ve realized that BEFORE he cheated.


  • Sarah, how can you write for a feminist blog and then turn around and call a woman a bitch in a piece on another site?

    • being a feminist does not preclude calling a skank-whore-nazi a bitch. if anything, being a feminist allows you to both recognize a skank-whore-nazi-bitch, and disavow said skank-whore-nazi-bitch. because if you’re a feminist, women like that should PISS YOU OFF.

    • why the hell would being a feminist mean one could not observe despicable behavior in a human that happens to be of the female gender and not be able to call a spade a spade?

      Recognizing this woman for who she is (and by her own mouth she admits) is not anti-feminist. In fact this woman is a disgrace to feminists if anything, not someone we should defend just b/c she has a vagina.

  • Why does a man do this to his family over and over is a good question. His first marriage ended because of chronic cheating too. There was probably no way for Sandra to find that out, and his relationship with Janine was so bad Sandra never would have believed her if she had said anything. It’s not her fault she was lied to, it’s terrible that she’s losing her family, she loved his kids and treated them beautifully. It doesn’t matter who you cheat with, it’s that you cheat. However, to find out it was some crazy Nazi stripper can only make it even worse. Especially knowing he wasn’t using protection with any of them. That’s just suicidal.

  • I say ‘mark’ cheaters and liars, just like in Inglorious Bastards …except with a ‘C’!! – violence, stealing, robbery etc are all punishable crimes …i think our society has got so screwed up – i think if one lies or cheats, of either gender mark them …..that would stop it !! …Lying and Cheating is a crime – it damages our whole world. It makes you think that no one is trustworthy. yes i have been disgusted at how many women knowingly go with men with girlfriends or husbands …especially asians …they sell their souls for sex with any man who can’t land a woman with self worth. they go with anyone even 80 year olds. They are gross.

    Some people have no self worth like jesse find them cheap women easy, just not so intelligent, so they don’t think about what they will actually achieve – nothing – sex with some dumb asshole eho is using them – as these women are cheap, pathetic, needy, selfish bitches …they don’t care. I say punish them. I’ve experienced it, bet you have too? soon as your back is turned …they are on your man. and yes, that kind of man is a piece of shit. ‘Mark’ them. Time for people to be accountable for their behavior. Liars, Cheaters – just a Waste of Skin.