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Tiger Doesn’t Quite Tell All

Tiger Woods broke his media silence today in what turned out to be a surprisingly thorough interview with the Golf Channel (watch it in its entirety here). I was ready for a fluff piece focusing mainly on his golf performance, but the journalist who interviewed him actually asked some difficult questions. Tiger didn’t answer them all, but you can’t make someone talk if they don’t want to, and Tiger is definitely staying tight-lipped about exactly what happened that night when he plowed his car into a tree.

On other topics, however, he was very forthcoming, talking about his motivations, his experiences in treatment, and his plans for the future. I have a fairly sensitive bullshit meter and he wasn’t setting it off (until they asked him what really happened that night.) He seems genuinely sorry about what he did, and maybe even a little self loathing– which is good to see when someone as famous as him screws up as badly as he did; it indicates introspection.

I’ve got no recommendations for Elin. I don’t see how a marriage can come back from such a thorough and public betrayal of trust, but thankfully, I’m not married to Tiger Woods and don’t have to make that kind of a decision. As an outside observer however, I think I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. He’s no longer an asshole in my book– he’s just a guy who screwed up, spectacularly and thoroughly. I can’t say with certainty whether or not he’ll be able to come back from this incident, professionally or personally, but I can say with certainty that this will be the last time I’ll ever write anything about his infidelity.

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  • You have more faith in humanity that I do, Kelly.

    I do think that he’s sorry for the pain he’s caused to his wife, children, mother (since his dad was a notorious cheater), his friends (for dragging them down with him) and for his bank account (for being a little emptier thanks to many of his endorsements being taken away).

    But let’s say this, he almost refused to do the public apology thing back in Feb because he found out his wife wasn’t going to be there, so they orchestrated the hug between him and his mother. He refused to admitted he had a problem in therapy and he almost GOT CAUGHT 2 years ago but only avoided it becoming a big deal because he agreed to be on the cover of a magazine that was published by the owners of the National Enquirer.

    And yet he did not stop. Just wait and see. Yes, he’ll be more careful, but he’s still a douche.

    The only thing he’s sorry about is getting caught. Point blank.