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I Feel Like They’re Trying To Get Snookie Killed

Even though Jersey Shore was an outrage to the Italian American community, an Italian network has just picked up the first season of the series. It will start airing on March 22, so get ready to find out that Snooki was found floating in some river on March 23rd. Maybe the 24th. Who can be sure?

The show was so offensive to Italians in the US that the New Jersey Italian and Italian American Heritage Commission wrote to Viacom (MTV’s parent company) asking them to pull the plug on the “reality series” that follows self-proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes”. They cited the show as being both “offensive” and “inaccurate”.

Personally, I think the level of idiocy that the cast displayed made it clear that they were not representatives of any community except maybe the lowest common denominator. If anyone should be offended by Jersey Shore, it’s the color orange.

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  • “If anyone should be offended by Jersey Shore, it’s the color orange.”

    I totally agree, and I normally -hate- orange.

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  • Italian Americans are offended because it stereotypes them. It doesn’t stereotype Italians in Italy and Italians in Italy wouldn’t identify with guidos or guidettes so much because they have a different upringing and culture around them… So I think italians will probably not take it as being offensive.. in fact I live in Italy and saw a bit in a newspaper about it, and the angle was more “dumb american teens” than anything else.

  • Some things are just the way they are, and a joke is most of the times just a joke, and shouldn’t be perceived as offensive

  • forget new jersey or italians, they give all of humanity a bad name. kind of like taylor momsen did when she said she was ignoring the earthquake in haiti because she had more important things to worry about, like her lame tv show.

  • “If anyone should be offended by Jersey Shore, it’s the color orange.”

    lol funniest thing i’ve heard all week.

  • I never watched this show but it sounds horrible. Every country has unintelligent, low life, hookers and douches. I just never though they’d ever get their own show.