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Jon Gosselin’s Two-Faced! Surprise!

I told you guys earlier this week that Kate Gosselin is set to join the Dancing With the Stars cast and now we finally have some answers to the question, “What’s Jon think about that?” If you believe Jon’s Twitter, he’s happy for his ex and wishes her well, but friends close to Jon say that this is just another thing that Kate’s doing that pisses him off.

Jon’s issue with Kate doing the show is shockingly not fame-related. He’s pissed because this new gig will take Kate away from their kids for days at a time and he’s not getting to spend any of that time with them. Instead, Kate will leave the kids with nannies while she competes on the televised dancing competition. I am never one to side with Jon Gosselin, but for real, Kate? You’re leaving your eight kids with nannies over their father so that you can dance with actual famous people and feed your ego? That’s rude.

It’s not that Jon Gosselin is a good father. I don’t believe that he actually even loves those kids. It’s the principle. If Kate is doing this show for money, then she should save her pennies on the baby-sitter front and let her kids spend time with their father. He’s not going to kill them and I’m sure that they’d be glad to have their father around over some random nanny, right? I’m trying to like you more, Kate. I’m trying. Help me out.

And you, Jon. You need to drop the two-faced crap and just come correct. Tell the world your pissed. Who cares at this point?

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  • Sorry, I would leave my children with a nanny too. John has shown in the past year that while “watching” his 8 children he will sneak off to the apartment above the garage and screw the babysitter. He will also ride off in some sports type go-cart and whine and moan to the paps. He is not focused enough or selfless enough at this moment in time to look after 8 children. Yes, he should spend time with his kids but if a nanny is there too she may have to be a lesbian or 60 years old for him not to hit on her.

  • He’s a fat tub of goo with saggy man tits. I understand and encourage all hate directed in his general direction. Any chick who dates this sitz bath run off should be disowned by all other wemmins.

  • It’s a lot less traumatic to stay for a short time with a nanny that will actually watch them than to risk walking in on dad with some random trick he’s screwing that he picked up down at the fence yapping to the paps.

  • Ok, now you’re a fucking hypocrite. First you slam her for leaving the kids with nannies, and then turn right around and say that he’s not a good father and doesn’t love them. Either way you’d have something to bitch about wouldn’t you? Either you’d slam her for this or for leaving the kids with a guy “who doesn’t even love them”.

    BTW, that’s fucking stupid for you to say that. Granted, he’s not the greatest father, but I think saying he doesn’t love them is a bit much.

  • I read that they’re setting up a daycare on the set of DWTS. I guess we’ll see if that’s true or not. Personally, I can’t wait to see Kate stomp around with her kankles (hasn’t anyone else noticed those?!?) and wave her weave to and fro. Ha! Good times! (LOVE the “fat tub of goo with saggy man tits”)

    • Me either!! I can’t wait to hear her shriek at poor Tony and berate him like she did Jon until that man runs away like his hair is on fire!!! You know she will become an “expert” on dancing and think she knows more than him!!

  • Yeah, well this quote is coming from the guy who gave Kate custody of the kids without a fight, so you know, fuck him.

  • He never stays with them when it is his turn anyway. He just wants pity. He’s a pathetic loser. She may like the attention, but at least she’s making the family some money! She & Tony will be at her house with the kids while they practice, so it’s not like she’s going to be away from them for very long anyway.

  • It will be less disruptive for the kids to maintain the consistent care of the nannies, who they know, than to have this idiot who they can’t rely on whatsoever be the one to ‘look after’ them.

  • Only two faces? He has enough meat on his skull and has told enough lies to make three or four faces.

  • omg Molls, criticize much??? Compared to Octomommy, Kate is a saint. Least she can hold a decent conversation. Reads like your jealous. Did you and Jon just finish a Kate bashing conversation on the phone before writing this crap??

    • Yes, Molls. Making fun of Jon Gosselin means that you are either totally banging him, or you totally want to bang him. And apparently, you are his phone-confidant. What a catch for a gossip blogger!

  • I say Kudos to Kate Gosselin, a single mother of 8 children, for landing a decent-paying gig, in order to support herself and kids.

  • Well, first of all i dont think she would get “random nannies” at all. That’s just plain stupid.

    And if i was her, and my ex husband has cheated on me, in my house, while my kids are asleep, i would rather have lady gaga as a fucking nanny than to leave that sick asshole alone with my children.

  • Jon just wants extra time with kids because he does not have anywhere to live. He wants to freeload off Kate. In June Jon moved into a $5000 month apt in NY and in Dec he moved out! In Jan/Feb ’10 he lived with Christie Morgan in Utah. Then he vacationed in Hawaii. Jon has NO MORE SAY ABOUT WTF KATE DOES OR HOW SHE DOES IT! Ain’t no more Jon and Kate! Last year Jon spent most of his money and stopped Kate’s money! Now, Kate is trying to maximize all her opportunities, provide for children, and live her American dream! Fuck Jon!

  • hey, uh, wrong ‘your’. it should be “tell the world you’re pissed.” you are. come on.
    god, those poor kids. like they’re not already traumatized enough by growing up on a tv show and having a gross, sparkly-rhinestone-tiger-tshirt-wearing man whore for a father. both kate and john need to fucking grow up and become real parents who put their kids first, not leave them for younger chicks and dancing reality tv shows.

  • Look at the fat Jon has put on in the tummy!! There is no way he is poking the sluts now..I guess when one is poor no one wants you!!

    All he wants the kids for is to get the child support and to have the control!!Jon would also have nannies, so who does he think he is fooling?!!

    I`m glad for Kate. I would think the kids would be in school. Kate has smarts and she will be ok. Her biggest misstake was marrying this Ass-hole!!!!!