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We Probably Wont Be Seeing Ellen and Howard Together Any Time Soon

There’s been talk that Howard Stern will be joining the panel of judges of American Idol after Simon leaves at the end of this season, but Ellen DeGeneres has spoken out saying that she wants nothing to do with the shock jock. Turns out the feeling is mutual, and Howard said as much to Entertainment Tonight at the Green Zone premiere in New York on Thursday. “Ellen has said she won’t work with me, but quite frankly, after watching her on the stupid show, I gotta tell ya, I won’t work with Ellen. She’s out if I come in,” he said.

Is Ellen leaving after only one season a possibility? As far as I see it, absolutely. It’s common for a celebrity as big as Ellen to step in to a job like that for one year and then peace out when they realize they’re not the star. Take Rosie on The View for example. I still think the combo of Howard and Ellen would be a clashing of the egos so legendary that it will truly be a tragedy if it doesn’t happen, but if the two of them did a switcheroo, I wouldn’t mind that either.

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  • i saw an interview on one of those gossip shows (the one w simon’s ex as commentator) and simon said howard has not even been approached by the producers. they haven’t even spoken. so there’s no possibility of howard coming on.

  • Howard is yanking the media’s chain in a big, big way. He’s not interested in going to California…he could care less about American Idol…he just enjoys the attention. Points to Howard!

  • The way I see it…I like Howard alot….But it would KILL the best thing FOX has right now. People will NOT tune in just becasue of what Howard is synonymous with .

  • Howard Stern is a disgusting old man that doesn’t respect anyone at all. what a joke it would be if he actually was on the show. and he calls it “stupid”? LOL it’s NEVER gonna happen. he’s just an old pig. give up.