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Jim Carrey’s a Grandfather!

Jane Carrey, the 22-year old daughter of actor Jim Carrey, has finally given birth to her baby. She and her husband, Alex Santana, welcomed a baby boy, Jackson Riley Santana yesterday afternoon in LA. This makes Jim a 47-year old grandpa, but he says he’s up to the task and he thinks his daughter is, too. “Jane is going to be a great mom,” Jim told People earlier this summer.

Congratulations to the happy couple. I can’t wait to see what kind of whacky shit his grandparents do to celebrate his life.

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  • Let’s see…wacky shit, wacky shit…they could not get him vaccinated or claim that he is an ‘indigo child’ from the future. Or, they could see signs of autism in him, declare he absolutely has autism, and three years later they cured him…somehow.

    I don’t care how cute Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are together, they’re complete morons and the idea that any one would listen to them as experts in any field other than mugging for the camera is saddening to me.

    • If you do any research on some autism studies, there are a lot of connections between autism and digestive health. A lot. It sounds entirely possible to me that diet could do a lot to alleviate the symptoms of it. Just sayin’.

      • It sounds like what you’re saying is that digestive health and a poor diet can lead to autism but actually the link is that people who have autism seem to have digestive problems. One doesn’t cause the other, they occur at the same time, like the flu causing both a fever and a runny nose, it’s not like the fever melted the mucus and that’s why your nose is running. Changes in diet probably would help the digestive problems in a child who cannot communicate that his stomach hurts and if his stomach hurts less, it might make him less distracted and able to focus. However, it is not a cure, any more than talking a cold medicine makes you ‘feel better’…for four hours.

        Fact: Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Oprah, and a whole host of others have been spouting anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-vaccination nonsense and eventually a lot of people are going to die from following their advice. Talk show hosts and actors don’t have to take an oath promising to do no harm and from the looks of things, it’s almost like they took a secret oath to do as much harm as possible.

  • Going to have to agree with Dave. They are idiots and really irrelevant at this point. His career is not as hot as it was and Jenny-her son’s”sickness” IS the best thing to happen to her career.

  • I hope she doesn’t listen to her bat shit step mom or the poor kids probably gonna die of measles before the kindergarten. She better pop out eight more so at least one of them will reach adulthood, like in the pioneer days!

  • I want to have Jim’s babies. He will always be the funniest thing to come out of Canada, my home and native land.

  • I read an article in which Jane was quoted as saying she was happy she was having a boy because she doesn’t get along with women.