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Gatorade Drops Tiger

Man, it sucks so bad to be Tiger Woods right now. The CEO of Gatorade told CNN in a statement today, “I can confirm that we no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship.”

Gatorade is the third company to ditch Tiger ever since news broke that he was a freakaleak screwing every young moron in a skirt behind his wife’s back. Gillette and Accenture were the first two companies to decide that the playboy golfer no longer fit their brand image. You know it’s only a matter of time until everyone else who’s still standing behind the golfer follows suit.

Gatorade has not decided to discontinue their relationship with Tiger completely, though. They have said that they will continue to support The Tiger Woods Foundation. Tiger’s people made the following statement about being dumped today, “We have been in discussions with Gatorade, and while we are disappointed they have decided to not continue with Tiger in their marketing plans, we appreciate their continued involvement with Tiger through his foundation.”

Please. Tiger’s lucky that these companies can’t sue him for dragging their name through the mud with his own. He and his people have no right to be disappointed with anything but themselves. True!

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  • He’ll have plenty of endorsement opportunities still remaining: Trojan, Valtrex, Astroglide, Boost Mobile(for that second phone that only the freaks have access to), Ambien…the possibilities are endless.

  • LOL Rob N! My possiblities included pregnancy tests, STD tests, and of course, this is a rough version, a slogan: “If you are feeling a bit Blue, we have the right Hue, to bring the Tiger out in You”(Viagra)….but to reflect for a moment wouldn’t ya think that with a name like Woods he’d have to lay it somewhere???:)

  • Am I the only one that thinks Gatorade is making a mistake in letting Tiger go? Think of all the sex addicts out there who must be wondering how Tiger was able to juggle so many mistresses? Something must be helping Tiger keep his fluids up…