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Yes, That’s Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz is steadily working his way down the list of careers five year old boys say they want to be when they grow up.

If you’ll remember, he put his acting career on hold in 2008 to pursue a career in race car driving. That didn’t really work out (naaaw, really?) so now he’s trying his hand at being what the kids refer to as a “rock’n’roll star”.

Muniz is one fourth–the drumming fourth– of a band called You Hang Up. The other three fourths are comprised of two parts fauxhawk and one part Myspace. You can hear their song “Confess2Regret” (spelled just like that, with the roman numeral two and everything) above.

I’ll withhold judgement on its quality because I don’t think it’s meant for someone like me. It sounds like it’s targeted at prepubescent emo girls. I’m much older and twice as moody.

So what’s next on the list for Frankie? My money’s on astronaut.

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  • That would have to be an arabic numeral, Kelly… or even if you just put “number 2” instead of trying to sound smart…

  • Decent; very “New Found Glory”ish… nothing wrong with it… and hey, he could be like other child actors now grown up… Gary Coleman or even worse (someone get me a bullet) Mario Lopez. Let the man do what the man wants to do.

  • That wasn’t the worst song I have ever hear… but Frankie will always look 12 to me. Even with the dirty facial hair lol.

  • wow, they ALL have fauxhawks. eesch. i think it’s horrible but that’s not my taste in music anyways. it is good or whatever that is. hey, it’s better than heidi montag’s songs. i said something nice. don’t beat me.

  • do you realize you’ve made your site NSFW with that ad for the toy gallery on zelda lilly? i realize you need to pimp your other sites consistently, but maybe you could do it without shoving tits in our face the moment we open the page. don’t get me wrong, i love tits and that’s a great pair, but it’s not what i’m looking for when i come to a gossip site, particularly at the top of the page.

    • i have complained about the same thing! Out of nowhere flashes an ad that could get anyone fired.
      That same ad appears on here (the evil beet) randomly as well.

  • OK it’s not numeral two.

    I thought it sounded great. Nice song to have in your iPod if your walking your dog or checking your email and want some easy listening.

  • woof. that was terrible.

    it had a very “Christian Rock” feel to it. Totally just mass-marketed for “girls”. period.

    haha. my husband just walked in and said “gross”.

    that about covers it.

      • Hah! I read your first comment wrong and imagined all these teenage girls listening to this song while menstruating.

        Don’t you just love a witty man? Lucky you ;)

  • How many people go to jobs they hate every day just to pay the bills?

    He is lucky to have money from “Malcom” success; he’s free to try doing different things.

    Good for him!

    I hope he finds something he loves.

    Don’t be jealous. Be happy and do what you love.

  • I love their sound! I’m no where near emo and I’m in my late teens. U shouldn’t classify music on that stuff anyway, I listen to abt every type of music. This is def something I’ll put on my iPod so thanks for sharing!