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“I thought the line ‘I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska’ was very funny. I think the word is “sarcasm”. In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.”

– Andrea Fay Friedman, the actress with down syndrome whose voice was featured on last week’s family guy in an email to the New York Times. Andrea sent this after Bristol Palin made a public statment about howhurtful she found the episode to be.

A loaf of French bread! HA!

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  • Countdown to Sarah/Bristol announcing that Andrea is “not a real representative for Down Syndrome” commencing in 3, 2, 1…………..

  • Yay for someone who doesn’t play the victim, has a wicked sense of humor and is smart enough to realize Palin is an idiot and a fraud!

      • how is that hilarious? because i comment on race and other prejudices, i’m just a whiner and “playing the victim” and “playing the race card”? that argument is so last decade. please think of a new one, if you can.

      • haha…sorry if i’m stuck in the last decade.
        I didn’t know irony was something that expired or had a shelf life.

        i’ll be sure to check the dates next time….if i can.

  • Five bucks says Palin tried to convince people that this girl isn’t retarded enough to represent other retarded people.

    BTW, this girl is amazing. ♥

  • BAM! Suck on that Palin!

    BTW, I don’t think Palin ever gave a shit about the mentally challenged community or children with “special needs”. She uses that shit in her campaigns and her stupid speeches and I think it’s disgusting.

  • I love this actress. She was great on SVU.

    Palin is just another faker using her grandson..oops..I mean son, to get sympathy because she herself, is an idiot. She could careless about anyone that has any type of disability. Except if you are her mentally stupid daughter who got knocked up again by a complete loser who is also mentally stupid.

  • Interesting that Palin will excuse Rush Limbaugh for using the word “retard” due to his being satirical, but when it comes to Family Guy, which is the acme of satire, she doesn’t care for the technique.

  • just because palin is a dimwit and far from qualified to do anything in politics does not mean satirizing her son and his disability into the cartoon was right.

  • @Melissa,

    You must have missed the many posts on legitimate websites where Silly Sarah stated that “It’s ok for Rush because it’s satire.”

    • i might be out of the loop, i don’t listen to rush – did he satirize her son and his down syndrome in his commentary or just use the word retarded?

      look, i get it palin is an idiot, my point is we should leave people’s kids out of the media, it’s not their fault their parents are in the spotlight, that they have a disability or that they have an idiot for a mother.

  • I’m NO fan of Palin. I think she’s a very scary woman, but I think Family Guy was fucked up to make a joke at the expensive of her baby. Sure, they can say it was “sarcasm” (although, there was no indication that sarcasm was used at all), but that’s just like saying “You’re a bitch .. I’m KIDDING .. can’t you take a joke?”.

    Clearly, the intention of this rapidly declining show was to make headlines and piss off someone who a) everyone loves to hate, and b) is known to respond strongly to jabs at her children (like any good mother). There was nothing clever about this. It was not satire. It was a provocation. Seth MacFarlane (or whoever his team is now given that he does not write the shows he profits from) and his empire of shows which draw very few laughs nowadays, has got the reaction he had hoped for.

    As for her carrying Trig “looking for sympathy and votes”, during her campaign HE WAS AN INFANT. As in, he couldn’t walk. On occasions when (all of) her children were present, she held her youngest child. If she didn’t hold him, and left her husband or (even worse), a nanny to hold him, she would have been labeled an uncaring mother. She’s damned either way.

    I must reiterate: I don’t like this woman. However, I think that in this instance she has been treated unfairly. The really smart thing to do on her part would have been to completely ignore Family Guy’s jab, but I also understand that a parent must speak up when she thinks her child has been exploited.

    • Thank you!

      Additionally, I maintain Family Guy has never been funny nor has it ever been as edgy and smart as it wants to be.

      Oh, and I am not a Palin fan, either. I can’t stand the woman.

    • They absolutely did not make fun of people with Down Syndrome. They made fun of Sarah Palin. This was absolutely not a jab at Trig. It was a portrayal of a young person with DS who actually has a life and a sense of humor and made a joke.

      • That doesn’t change the fact that Family Guy is one of the more painfully unfunny shows on the air. Oddly enough, the other two are American Dad and the Cleveland Show.

      • They only made slight fun of people with Down’s Syndrome. Harmless. The issue here is that they used Palin’s son and his disability as a means to attack her, which is fucked up. If you don’t see that, then you are missing the point of what Family Guy tried to achieve (in its typically broad fashion).

      • Palin opened the door for this by using her son Trig as a political pawn. That poor baby was her ticket to “walking the pro-life walk, not just talking the talk”, and she used it at every opportunity. Palin’s willingness to take advantage of EVERYTHING as it suits her political purpose then turn around and say, “Don’t talk smack about my family that way” is what “Family Guy” is making fun of, not people with Down’s Syndrome or Palin’s children or anything else. Just her hypocrisy.

      • What do you recommend she do with her baby? Leave him at home with a nanny? Place him safely on the floor? I’m sure Andrea’s mom carried Andrea’s ass around when she was 6 months old too. Politicians bring their children with them all the time. No hypocrisy here. You really have to stop hating on Sarah. It’s unbecoming.

  • What else is she gonna say; I’m not sure there is a lot of acting/voice work for her with her disability… and of course the trash at Family Guy would write what she needed to say; if she wants more work…just God forbid if it was a Liberal’s kid, then the Liberal whiny ass media, blogs and idiots that suck up every word would be killing them for the horrible actions they committed.

  • Years ago, Ann Coulter said that John and Elizabeth Edwards should have a bumper sticker that read. “Ask me about my dead son.” I never heard even a whimper, let alone outcry about that.

  • BUT her family is wrong on the type of humor.. Even the dullest person knows what is a personal attack on a woman who chose to have her baby disability or not.. making fun of a down’s syndrome baby that wasn’t aborted and NOT PALIN, but thru Palin and her conservative behavior and views.. the entertainment industry used Andrea; with liberal trickery.. this lady is not doing her disability friends any favors by making light of herself and others., since the world has accepted it is not nice nor appropriate to tease and taunt the handicapped, or make them feel unwelcome in our world. She is living proof they are acceptable and willing and able to have a life.

  • That was so incredibly funny. I laughed so hard. Nice job Andrea for being witty, clever, downright funny and utilizing life to the max.

  • First of all … my reaction is this…This young woman needs to be advised that Trig is technochly is Bristal's. 2nd She has no dam kids so she has no right to judge others. God never gave her that dam right.
    She is in no doubt should be shameful of what she said. She is quite the Bitch. I am sorry Mrs. Friedman your opinion really should have been kept to yourself.