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Gwen Almost Drops Trou in the Middle of Beverly Hills

Gwen Stefani’s fashions are normally on point and perfectly fitted, but she had one hell of a struggle with these complicated-looking pants while taking her son Kingston to the dentist yesterday. From the moment she stepped out of the car she seemed concentrated on keeping her pants off the ground. That must have been an anxiety-filled couple of minutes as she made her way in to the office in front of all that paparazzi.

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  • lol @ wpolochick.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who occasionally chooses an outfit that I think is AWESOME (super-high heels, short dresses, etc.) only to be completely annoyed by it within the hour.

  • She’s always had a mascule air about her over taking her husbands fey look and attitude.. but honestly find the man’s pants that fit miss fashion designer diva, before you do the butch-girl stroll.