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Michael Lohan Throws His Daughter Under The Bus Just To See If She Still Bleeds

That Michael Lohan! What the hell would we do with out that guy? Here I was thinking this was going to be a crap news day with nothing fun to talk about and then BAM! Radar got Michael Lohan to say TERRIBLE things about his daughter in a public forum yet again.

This time around Michael’s talking about how badly Lindsay needs to go to rehab. Here are some quotes he gave the gossip site in a video interview:

“My daughter needs rehab for at least 3 months. Come on… let’s face it, there are pictures of her out there—you reported it, others have reported it…of her drinking and taking pills in public. If you’re on probation, is that what the system approves of?”

“I’ve been trying to get into court with the judge for a long time,” Lohan told “The last time she was in court the judge should have drug tested her. If she had, I know Lindsay would have come up dirty and she would have been thrown into rehab.”

Michael also says that he’s been fighting Lindsay privately over her pill addiction. As recently as last Thursday, the two got in a spat when Michael informed Lindsay over text message that she needs to get help. Apparently, this was news was not well-received by Lindz.

At the end of the interview, Michael addresses his daughter directly and says, “It really p****s me off that when you have trouble or when you’re in St. Barth’s and you have nowhere to turn to and you tell me everything is going awry and your sister Ali is missing…I’m up 6 hours in the night trying to hire a jet to pick you up and take you home…and then you flip the script on me. Whenever you need me, you call me. Whenever you have a problem, I’m there for you. You can’t backstab people. You can’t turn your back on the people that love you and want to help you.”

See? That is such a meaningful quote. Ali Lohan was missing for six hours in St. Barth’s? An emergency jet was almost hired to pick them up? Michael Lohan lets all the skeletons out. What a crappy dad.

Although he probably is on to something with the rehab thing…

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  • Terrible things? I dunno ’bout that. How much of what he said isn’t true? This chick appears to be a train wreck squared and he’s right about telling her to get her shit together — not so sure what’s so terrible about that.

    • Absolutely, but he should tell *her*, not the media. Plenty of people can stage successful interventions for their loved ones without the help of trashy celebrity news outlets or cameras. Michael Lohan’s attempts to “help” Lindsay always seem to smack of a desire to attain fame (or infamy) for himself.

      • Yeah I agree. I think that it is good that he is attempting to help his daughter and get her into rehab. But it’s known that he was abusive to Lindsay’s mom and they had a troubled family life. I think the way he’s going about it is really cruel towards Lindsay. But it’s good that he’s at least trying. He just needs to alter his ways.

  • It’s not like Lindsay has become a sweet innocent honest lady that her mother constantly ‘blames’ him for ruining ‘all’ their lives, is it? Lilo’s much like her father; so dad knows the truth of her harmful, deceitful and underhanded nature.