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Chynna Phillips Enters Rehab For Anxiety And No One Will Say What She Was Freaking Out About

It was just announced that Chynna Phillips, sister to Mackenzie and Bijou, has checked in the rehab for anxiety. As if it doesn’t sound fishy enough when a celeb checks in to the ‘hab for exhaustion or hoarding, right? Chynna’s husband though, actor Billy Baldwin, doesn’t really care what you think. In an interview with Radar, Billy sets the record straight about his wife’s treatment. Here are some choice quotes:

“It doesn’t really matter to me what’s being said about me in the press. I have too many other things to worry about. I don’t care about what other people think. I care about my wife and my children.”

“I don’t feel like dealing with the press when I’ve got my wife in rehab and I’ve got three little kids.”

OK, fair enough. There are kids involved, and so I will back off of Billy for those weak statements. Chynna’s step mom is the only one who gave up any real dirt. She told Radar, “If I know Chynna, she will be fine. If anything sent her to get help, it  was most likely family problems but I know she will get through it.”

I personally don’t find anxiety to be even close to the most absurd reason I’ve heard of celebs rehabbing. As a person who suffers from anxiety herself, I can tell you that it is far from a treat. In fact, chronic anxiety and anxiety attacks are probably some of those worst things to be afflicted with. Also, we can’t forget who it is who’s claiming she’s anxious. Chynna Phillips publicly defended her late father against her sister Mackenzie’s recent incest claims, an experience that would be tragic for any family, but especially hard for one in the spotlight.

At this point, I think we just need to wait until a post-rehab Chynna sits down with Barbara Walters or something.

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  • Rehab for anxiety? Uh no. It’s called Mental hospital…not Rehab..if it’s only anxiety. If it’s anxiety brought about by meth or cocaine usage–then yes Rehab. I don’t think anyone even cared about her really. This one didn’t require a press release…. and then due to the wording, it’s got even more attention now. Hmmm…well played if trying to get back in the public eye. I see a new reality tv show- Nervous Breakdown. It could be a ratings winner.

    • right? I was curious about this too. you can’t rehabilitate away anxiety. it’s a mental problem. that makes no sense.

      furthermore, as someone who suffers from anxiety as well, i don’t see why molls would be curious about *what* she is anxious about. That’s like asking someone who is clinically depressed why they are so sad. It’s the fact that there is no real reason behind it that causes it to be a mental disorder.