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Fashion Week Has At Least One Noteworthy Moment

Fashion Week has been such a snore this year that I really haven’t been covering it much, but there are always a few moments that are worth an instant replay. This week’s highlight thus far has definitely been model Agyness Deyn eating dirt at Naomi Campbell’s fashion show for Haiti. What is it about watching models fall that’s so damn fun? Is it as simple as the fact that it’s gratifying to watch someone who is seemingly perfect fall on their face? I think so.

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  • Aww I think she handled it rather well. Them bitches need to eat though. See the girls’ legs behind her? Not nice.

  • I can almost hear some people say she ruined the outfit without the shoes….but god those things are not heels but stilts!!

    it was a challenge to even stand on those i bet

  • I like her dont get me wrong – but am i the only one that thinks she hammed it up more than necessary? I have seen models fall and handle it quite gracefully without drawing this much ‘im cute clap for my adorable misfortune’ drama. Whatever works I guess, here we are talking about it.

    • Is it just me or are runway shows just tiresome now? I love fashion, but I can’t stand to watch model super stars anymore. We should know the designers, not the models. Maybe it’s my own fault and I watched too much ANTM.

  • my question is: why, “molls,” do you think these people are “seemingly perfect”? no one told you to think that, and if you can see they’re not then how do you continue to think it? besides that, you know better, don’t you? it’s a strange thought pattern if you look at it. we can’t blame other people for our own illogical thinking.. you make a choice to be realistic about yourself and other people.

    [sorry, i’m just sick of hearing/reading people complain that “society” has set ridiculous standards that we then use to create our own unhappiness. it’s twisted.]

  • To me every falling model equals really badly designed useless shoes. Considering how good models are in walking in killing stilettos…