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“To John Mayer regarding black women: What’s not to like?”

– Film critic Roger Ebert asks John Mayer what we were all thinking on Twitter.

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    • Ebert isn’t the handsome young duckling he used to be, because he almost died. Now that he can no longer speak, he carries a small notepad so that he can communicate in emergencies, and he has the raddest Twitter account ever. Like, I don’t even read the Internet anymore.

      P.S. Fuck you.

    • The guy in the OP should do us all a favor and just stay in doors. Seriously, I’m trying to have lunch.

  • Thank god you deleted the JnJ vday post. probably the bitchiest and most pointless post yet. It’s entertaining when you’re witty, less so when you’re just bitter and bitching.

  • Awww, sweet Roger Ebert. That poor man has been through some serious medical shit. He’s way cooler than I ever thought in the Siskel n Ebert days. And he’s got this totally loving marriage, with a black woman.

  • Whereas I deeply disagree with John Mayer’s forms, I will stick up for him now – I don’t find black men attractive. Of course there are exceptions, Will Smith and Denzel Washington are some of the most attractive men I can think of, no matter their race, but I like better fair hair, bright eyes and fair skin. And that’s only a preference, just like some like tall women or some prefer us short women, or some like gingers (me!) whereas others HATE gingers (my best friend!). The way John Mayer said it was just plain wrong, but you know, we all have preferences when it comes to appearance, and I feel more attracted to white men, just like some women find more attractive Asian men and there’s nothing wrong with it and they’re not racists. I am not a racist, I just find ginger hair and freckles to be more attractive than black hair and dark skin.
    Rant over! :)

    • No one is saying you’re racist honey. I’m not even saying John Mayer’s comments were racist regarding black women. However, they were certainly denigrating. I’m pretty sure everyone can agree on that. He was an insensitive asshole. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences in dating in men or women. What is wrong, however, is wording your preferences in a way that sexualizes and demeans women of color. That is what John Mayer did. Please read the full article.

    • I hate people like you who phrase things with a disclaimer before they write their insensitive, ignorant, mean-spirited comments. Why don’t you throw in a ‘no offense’ at the end too asshole? How about you save the mean-spirited comments about peoples’ appearance for those who actually deserve it, i.e. Mel Gibson, or even Kanye.

      And you better pray to God, you never end up in his position, because then you’ll probably cry every time someone makes fun of your appearance, whereas Roger Ebert laughs it off and writes on his Twitter, which is basically God’s Twitter.

      p.s. FUCK you

      • let’s talk about how you kiss your mama with your asshole and and she kisses you with her strap-on, shall we?

      • Sigh. Grace, when you first appeared on the scene there was a glimmer of hope among some, including the Douche, that in spite of your crude Texas education, over- inflated sense of self worth, naive worldview, tendency to drone on for days and degree in journalism (OK, you can stop now they get it) – that you, on the rare occasion, flashed a modicum of wit. The Douche, in caucus, argued that with the proper supervision Grace could develop, over time, into a reasonable foil. In light of your recent posts, we are wondering: has your account been spoofed by a 12-year-old basement dweller, who thinks he is flaming /b/ on 4chan, or do you really rattle that easily?

  • He used to date Oprah (true fact!) so he knows what he’s talkin’ about. (He’s the one who convinced her to syndicate her talk show, which resulted in her making beaucoup bucks!)

  • Ac tually he has been married to a beautiful Black woman named Chaz for 16 years or so. Esquire magazine just had a great interview with them, and I tried to find it on their website to link it, but it has not yet been posted. If you see a copy and have a chance to read the article, it is totally worth it. It is the one with Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover. Roger Ebert is a remarkable, wonderful man. They showed a note he wrote- “Don’t feel sorry for me, look how happy I am!”

    • Yeah, but the hot white chicks far outnumber the hot black chicks, unless you like fatties, and then the

    • Yeah, but there’s way more hot white chicks than black, unless you like ’em fat and then there’s plenty to choose from. That’s why all the black dudes are wanting to hook up with white chicks.