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OMFG, Are They Gonna ‘Do It’?

These do absolutely nothing for me, but I’m sure some of you Twilight freaks will be all hot and bothered by these Eclipse stills that have popped up on the Internet today. What’s the deal with these two again? They’re virgins? Do they bone in the book version of this movie? Should I be looking forward to a rash of vampire-obsessed pregnant teens in America within the next year or so?

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  • I’ve never read the books, but I did see both movies. From what I understand, Bella and Edward’s love affair is based on chastity. I heard that Bella becomes a vampire in the third book/movie and marries Edward…so I guess they would consummate.

    I think both Kristen and Robert are mediocre actors. I like the storyline of the movie, but I haven’t been impressed with the movies themselves. I’ll still see the next movie, though. Also, although I can see why many people would be attracted to Robert, I personally don’t find him attractive. He always has the same slightly opened-mouth, staring into space stare.

  • don’t want to ruin the movie or book for anybody that hasn’t read it but yes… they consummate :-)

    • Awwww, little gurl. You don’t have to worry about ruinin’ it for anybody…. If they ain’t read it by now, nobody gonna. Now, go fix daddy a peanut butter and nanner samich.

    • For reals? We have to suffer through another angst ridden, sexually repressed movie? WTF? What do they do in the third book/movie? I want to see her become a vampire, damn it!

      • Well.
        3rd movie is the love triangle. And running from more baddies. And more love triangle.

        4th movie is wedding bells. sex. vampires. and werewolves. and some really effing crazy shit that only goes on in the mind of Mormons and whoever made the SAW series. >.<

        I read the series when they came out before this movie crap. 3rd was a stretch and the 4th just sucked hard. Like she went to every fanfiction site and picked out random story lines that she liked.

      • If the fourth movie is ANYTHING like the fourth book, though, it’ll be worth is. I hate the fuck out of everything Twilight related, but “Breaking Dawn” was like… have you ever bought, like, “Weekly World News” because it was really cheap and REALLY FUNNY? Yeah, “Breaking Dawn” was unintentionally brilliant, comedically. I totes recommend it. But don’t read the other books first if you want to keep your soul.

      • I never thought of it that way, but you’re totally right. It’ll become a total cult classic.

        Werewolf falling in love with the oddly growing half-vampire new born? AWESOME movie.

      • Weekly World News fuckin rocks!! I,myself,am the proud owner of 3,count ’em,3 Batboy T-shirts! Best WWN headline ever… Man marries woman with two heads, gets jailed for bigamy!!

    • Dude, there was a “tasteful cut” in the DAMN BOOK!

      I don’t know what I was expecting from a Mormon Young Adult writer, but it was pretty awful. I had foolishly waited for three shitty books for this moment, and she literally ends the chapter, and then starts the next one the morning after.

      So. Frustrating. In the sexual sense, but also in the literary one. My god, woman, you’ve only kept our attention this long by milking the sexual tension, and once it finally breaks, you only IMPLY?

      God, I hate Stephanie Meyer.

  • they do it in the last book but its all… *fade to black*. thousands of pages of foreplay and the payoff is a bit anticlimactic.

  • I can’t get past the fact that this vampire doesn’t breathe, doesn’t need water or food, has no blood, but can ejaculate????
    I wasted my time reading that drivel.

  • Are they BOTH supposed to be virgins? Isn’t he 100’s of years old? This story just gets lamer and lamer.