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It’s Real Romantic, Y’all!

They always say that the best relationships are the ones where you can really be yourself, so that’s why I gotta give Britney Spears and her man/agent Jason Trawick props. Look at them yesterday at Target. Britney (who’s boobies look a little fake to me here in these pictures, so let me know what you think about that in the comments, please) isn’t even wearing a bra and her weave is still kinda buck looking and yet she and that bro are holding each other’s hands, just enjoying their sunny Saturday. God, I hope that someday I meet a man I can let myself go with.

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  • Fuck Molly you jealous bitch. Wow.

    You give women a bad name. Like petty envious bitches.

    She doesn’t look her best but she hasn’t let herself go.

    You’re so fucking bitchy. God it’s tiring.

    • Woah, calm down, it was just a comment. This blog is like compliments-central compared with a load of other blogs.

      Also, I think she might be wearing some kind of boob tape or something to make her boobs look weird…. don’t think they’re fake.

  • Lets look back at Im a slave for you brit and Brit now…definitely let herself go, at least a little bit. Stage parents, Child stardom, drugs and dirty white trash cocks will do that to ya.

  • I think her boobs look just fine. Better than mine anyway. She’s pushed out a couple kids you know. I don’t know anything about weaves. Just looks like messy hair day to me. Her boyfriend has a Billy Bob Thorton look though. I don’t get celebries though who have the means to look good and go out looking like they just got out of a long night of drinking. I guess looking messy is the new black. It’s not just Brit….all the young stars seem to go out of their way to look yucky. Maybe she’s just trying to get back in touch with her down home girl side that Disney sucked out of her soul.

  • Um, that’s clever idiots to you. Whatever you thought you saw is gonzo. All it reads is Britney Spears. Unless…. you are being sarcastic because you think Britney is yesterday’s news. In that case, you should make sure you spell the celeb’s name right; especially when you dump on them and the people that run the site. It kind of steals your thunder. Or…if you are truly sincere and have no idea who Britney Spears is, then you are too young to be on the computer without supervision. Either way, you lose. Stay anonymous.

    • Actually, Molls *sometimes* cares enough to go back and proofread after reading the comments. The post probably did originally say “Brittany”.

  • Ya, I know. It’s just that I can’t stand those snarky comments. I’ve done my bit of pointing out errors, but not like that anonymous poster. It’s just plain mean.

  • EBD…its an honor!! Be nice to me ok?! :) But seriously…not sure what you are confused about. As the bumber sticker says, “Mean People Suck.” I don’t like those hit and run anons that get off on constructing a sentence out of swears aimed at who ever pushed their button. You know what I mean. And they don’t bother posting again. Anyway, it’s my opinion and I at least explain myself; and I can be addressed because I identify myself. Plus, I guess I’m bitchy lately. Studying until 4am and up at 8am.

    • K, you keep doing what you need to do. Douche will have your back.

      Douche gives candy to the deserving.

  • I think Brit is not having such a bad day, she looks normal. However, there is no excuse for not wearing a bra, even if you do have perky fake boobs.

    Brit keep on keeping on just remember be classy not trashy! Put on the bra.