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Jon Gosselin is Having Sex With a 25-Year Old in Hawaii

Even though Jon Gosselin brought ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman to Hawaii not that long ago, he’s already back with new girlf, Morgan Christie. What can I say? I guess Hawaii is Jon’s pussy zone. I think Jon feels most comfortable putting the moves on someone he clearly doesn’t deserve to be having sex with after slamming down a couple Mai Tais to the sounds of a ukulele band. Jon has never embodied what I imagine a former IT exec to look like anymore than he has in these photos. Fat, sunburnt, divorced, scamming on some chick almost a decade younger than him. Woof.

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  • This guy just looks gross to me. He always looks like he just came off a bender of 3 day old pizza, mountain dew, and video games.

    • Don’t forget Jaeger-Bombs. He’s just disgusting. Ugh. Why that 25-yr. old would willingly bone that dude is beyond me.

  • My God! Look at his beer tummy… Disgusting.. He is disgusting.. And if he doesn’t have enough money for lawyers or whatever the fuck he’s claiming now, how can he afford to go to Hawaii with the gf??? What an idiot.. I can’t stand him..

  • Such a looser and desperate human being… just gross. And that Jon Gosselin is a fat bald disgusting waste…ugghh. So sick of hearing about him.

    • Well, he’s her fat, famous ride to her 15 minutes of fame. Look what Hailey Glassman got out of the “love” Jon had for her – a cover on Steppin’ Out, looking furious and silly.

      But since Hailey has spilled the beans about Jon’s dick, what will all his other ex’s be able to say about him that’s new and worth money to some tabloid?

      This one better scrape together her little pile of Jon dirt quickly while his s**t’s still hot enough to sell.