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Courtney Love is Still Too Crazy For Her Own Kid

A little update on the Courtney Love/Frances Bean Cobain “I don’t want to live with you anymore because you’re crazy, Mom”-situation: The restraining order put on Courtney by Frances’ temporary guardians has been extended.

With Frances’ 18th birthday approaching in August, I’m thinking that the two are going to stay on the outs for quite some time. For Frances to leave home nine months before she was legally out of her mother’s control after all those years says to me that whatever was going on there was… unbalanced.

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  • I feel so bad for that kid. Man, can you imagine the shit she had to endure growing up with that woman as a mom? Squeaky Fromm has a better graps on reality than Courtney Love.

    • No, I think what you really mean is that it would have been better if he’d just had one more shotgun shell and took care of her first before wallpapering his living room with his genius.