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Dear Paris, It’s Not 2004 Anymore. Love, Molls

Paris Hilton was in New York yesterday filming a commercial for the Israeli lottery and it looks like homegirl still thinks she’s living in the mid-00s. The hair, the big-ass bag, the leopard coat, the cheap-looking expensive dresses… Hasn’t she been doing this bit for like, years now? Sure, sure… it’s Paris’ Barbie-like persona that made America start to care about her (the sex tape sealed the deal, of course) but girl, it’s time for a reinvention. As far as I’m concerned, if she didn’t seem to have gained a little bit of  healthy weight over the years, these might as well be promotional photos from The Simple Life 3.

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  • She’s absolutely hip and gorgeous. Envy is like a parasite, and most of the women that hate her are totally infested with it.

    • Get a grip – You are just saying Molls is envious of Hilton because she inadvertently insulted your tastes by dissing Paris.

      Just because a woman doesn’t like something about another woman does not automatically mean she is jealous of her. BYE.

    • Really Anon. “parasite” and “infested?” You know that Molls is recovering from a recent case of bed buggery. That’s just plain mean.

      • ha. AWESOME. not the having of bed bugs but douche’s comment.
        my friend had bed bugs and they crawled in to her VCR! they were everywhere.
        i really hope it’s not that bad for Molls.

        Also, who wouldn’t be envious of Paris Hilton?! I’d be okay with that life! I’m not envious of her horrible fake tan but I’d glady jet set around with dogs in my expensive, over-sized purse.

  • Sorry, but this look is something that only a six-year-old love with on their first Barbie.

    Tacky, dull, this was never a good look on anyone, rich or poor, famous or anonymous. If the skirt were shorter, it would be like hooker-chic.

    And lord, no, I don’t envy Paris! She may be going to mature into a person with sterling values, but so far she seems driven but shallow and the ugliest sort of rich snob who sneers publicly at people, even rich people, who have less money than she.

      • She also has really large feet for her size (something like 11 ladies! massive for her tiny frame!)

        …. which also goes with the large penis joke.

      • Apparently she’s 5’8″. That’s not that tall — she just wear’s 4 inch heels a lot.
        She wouldn’t topple with smaller feet…

        this is stupid. nevermind.

  • dear molls,

    don’t you have anything better to write about besides criticizing paris’s clothing? it’s not 2004 anymore.

    oh, wait… you don’t.


    • @Carline: It’s a gossip blog. If you want something intellectually stimulating, go to or something similar.

      Back to the article… loved it and Paris looks like a whore there. And I love how her skin starts to look leathery :-D

  • Well, maybe she missed the fashion trends changing because she’s on drugs. Seems like everyone else is according to some sources.

  • Give it a rest – neither Paris nor Doug do drugs.

    It looks like she was dressed that way for a specific commercial, she looks very sweet to me.