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Isn’t She Supposed to Be Sad About Her Dead Fiancée?

Tila Tequila went to Kitson Kids yesterday to pick out some treats for that “baby” she’s “expecting”. Considering we’re exposed to her nightly meltdowns on Twitter, it’s strange to see the MySpace ho look so damn happy while digging through overpriced message Ts. Since Tila isn’t exactly a paparazzi target, you know she had to call them to meet her out. I’m looking at these photos as a form of performance art. It’s just a shame that she didn’t pull out this bit before they announced the Oscar nominations.

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  • I was up late last night and was on twitter. She is bat-shit crazy! She kept re-posting the same thing. She was hinting about who her baby-daddy was all night and clearly leaked to everyone that is supposedly “The Game”. It was really sad to read the tweets as they came out. Seriously weird behavior.

  • Please oh please stop giving this vapid famewhore a forum! This chick is toxic and batshit crazy and not in a cool, Britney way.

  • Oh, god, I hope she’s not spawning. I really really really hope that a person that crazy does not pop out a child who will be genetically and/or situationally predisposed to be that fucking crazy.

    Also, is it me, or did she just throw a ton of money on the floor in one of those pictures so the paps would get a picture of her picking it up?

  • The only reason she’s not milking the Casey Johnson thing more is because the family threatened to squash her like a bug if she didn’t back off, don’t you think Tila is a little financially strapped? She didn’t have enough to answer the Shawn Merriman lawsuit, and he was given a summary judgment against Tila, does anyone think she can take on the Johnson & Johnson trust?

    So she’s milking the baby thing for all it’s worth, because she has… no game.

  • Please, Please, don’t give this ugly slopehead any more press. I would usually bang anything with 2 legs and a vag, but I would NEVER touch this.

  • and check it out – whoever she’s with is wearing my favorite sammi/hailey glassman style shirt! nice. very classy.