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“God bless her that she likes older guys. And some wonderful enhancements have happened in the last few years – Viagra, Cialis – that can make us all feel younger.”

– Michael Douglas tells the The Daily Mail what we already knew about his sex life with Catherine Zeta-Jones

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  • I agree…God bless her. He’s kind of creepy old/botoxed – but they seem to have a pretty solid marriage, and she is STUNNING…I can’t find a thing wrong with that woman – damn her.

  • When you’ve spent as many years on the streets of San Francisco as he has, you deserve a hot Welch wench.

  • Just a bit-ugh. Why do these old dudes have to keep telling us they need drugs to get it up? Hugh Hefner too. More power to sex for the elderly, but aren’t you supposed to become more discreet too? Too much information!

    • I think it’s great. Not because I necessarily want to know that information (I did cringe a bit) but because older people are becoming more comfortable and open about their lives and that’s a good thing. You or your lover will need some sort of blue pill eventually, so why not let these guys be the trailblazers who make society more used to the idea so in a few years when you’ll need it, it won’t be an embarrassing or shameful secret anymore? About time we let old people have fun.

  • She does? She’d love my gramps, then. No idea if he can get it up, though, and he’s occasionally a little incontinent.

  • She probably married him for a lot of reasons, rich being one of them, a major boost to her career and the contacts to get in front of the better scripts, respect, love, and a social circle of the best and most respected people in the industry and the world. She got an A list life and a family and he seems crazy about her, so that’s a win win for everyone involved. He also cares if she’s sexually satisfied which is rather thoughtful.

    • Horseshit. I’m married to a guy almost 20 years older than me, and we got bugger all money between us. But, oh my god, I’m not even joking, you’d never believe it… no fetish or gold digging here, we actually love each other.

  • What a gorgeous dress.

    I’ve never needed to know anything about men with Viagra needs or the commericials about it. Dis-gus-ting!