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Anderson Cooper is Amazing

You may have caught this extremely emotional clip by now, but it’s absolutely deserving of it’s own post. Yesterday in Haiti, where thousands of People are currently without food and shelter due to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country last week, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper made headlines for his bravery. A store was being looted and things quickly escalated in to violence. Anderson saw a young boy get hit with something causing massive amounts of bleeding, and ran over to aid him. When the video picks up (and this is very difficult to watch, so let me warn you of that before you click), Anderson is dragging the boy over to a safer area. The two stand there stunned for a moment. Anderson was clearly acting on impulse when he saved the boy from harm’s way, and the boy… well, it’s quite clear why he’s confused. Anderson keeps it together and proceeds to comfort the boy while looking around for help and ultimately walking him away from the cameras.

What will get you about this video, if it’s not the general sadness of the situation, is when you recognize the panic in Anderson’s face. His gut clearly took over and helped him do the right thing. When he realized what was going on, the intensity of the situation seemed the blow him away and you can see that in his face and hear it in his voice. It truly is amazing how most humans have the instinctual desire to help other human’s survive. Seeing video like this reminds you that you may not have the cash to donate or the time to take off work to help in Haiti, but if what’s going on down there was happening in front of your face, you’d have no choice but to help.

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  • This video brought tears to my eyes…not because of Anderson, though what he did was brave – but because you get a sense of the complete devastation of an already crumbled country. It is sad beyond words.

  • It made me cry. Anderson was so brave and heroic. We all must help in some way. Living in California we cold easily be next, folks.

  • Beet has alerted people that their $10 worth of aid will not be reaching Haiti due to no runways. Strange, the runway there is up and running and there are 100s of planes landing daily.

    You work for/with and idiot Molls. At least someone on this blog has their head out of their ass.

  • I adore Anderson Cooper, no matter what he does. But i think he got caught up in the moment, like Molls said, it’s clear that he did it out of impulse and then he didn’t know what to do afterwards. What an amazing feeling, to be able to help somebody in a situation like that. But holy shit! i’m not sure if i could have kept it together if it was happening infront of my eyes!…

    Thank you for sharing this video Molls.

  • I hope Anderson is armed. I’m not sure how safe it is for a rich white man to be in the middle of all that. Geraldo usually packs heat when he goes to places like this. I always worry that one day we will see a reporter picked off on live tv.

    • One can only hope he’s got himself covered in that area. Stepping into the middle of looting session in a devastated third world country is not something you want to do unless you can at least minimally protect yourself. Frankly, I’m thinking something along the lines of a fully automatic AK-47 with a 75 round drum might work well.

      What a hellhole this country is. While I don’t consider myself an Imperialist by any means, I think maybe it needs to be taken over by a collective of wealthier nations that can help clean up the corruption and eliminate or reduce the severe poverty levels. Call me a fascist, but you can be sure that if the same disaster took place in Puerto Rico or Guam, the aftermath would not be the same. It seems like when this place is left on its own, everyone pays a very costly price when the s*** comes down. There’s no reason for this to be going on in the Western hemisphere.

      • Like say…New Orleans?
        Where people were left without water or protection for days on end? Where snipers were taking out looters and bodies were still being discovered months afterward?

        The problem with Haiti is that collective Western powers took it over and enslaved the population, leeched it’s resources and exploited the entire country for years on end.

        You don’t sound like a fascist. But it does sound like your grasp of history in these regions is lacking. I’m not saying that to be inflammatory. I’m just pointing out that colonization has never helped a country. We do what we can now. We help with the situation at hand. We can help Haiti recover. But we cannot take their recovery away from them.

      • My former job caused me to spend a lot of time in Port au Prince. I was there through dictators, “elections” where much blood was shed, coups galore. Things never got better. Even with a former priest in power, government corruption ran rampant.
        It’s a mindset there. You take whatever you can get. I don’t think the poor people of Haiti will get a dime of any of this money. The government will emerge again once the dollars start making their way through the bureaucracy.
        Haiti is a beautiful country and a shithole all at once. It will never change-no matter how much we sink into it, which candidate we back, how many houses we build.
        Somebody needs to step up and coordinate the rescue efforts-essentially take over Haiti for a time. That won’t sit well. So we wait and watch more people die.

      • Well, yeah, actually like say New Orleans. While the recovery and assistance process took much longer than it should have, it did happen and is continuing to happen, and we didn’t need to ask for foreign assistance in order to get it done.

        Oh, and my grasp of history isn’t quite that lacking. You are making references to colonization programs that took place almost 200 years ago. For chrissake, no one here is suggesting that we enslave the entire populace of Haiti and put them to work for our benefit — I think most of us are past that. I’m talking about deliberately stepping in to get this country’s shit together so when this type of disaster happens again the devastation won’t be as severe, along with making this country more self reliant.

      • I would also like to remind people that during Katrina the looting mobs shot at the rescuers trying to get in to help people. How can you get food or water to someone if you’re dodging bullets from opportunistic thugs?

  • I noticed Anderson was quick to stay as far away as possible from the blood the guy was losing, but finally seemed to say ‘fuck it’ and picked the kid up and try to find a safe place for him. Although I admire him for jumping in and helping, he also was very aware he was being filmed.

  • I bet after the kid was wiping that blood all over the place, Anderson asked to giving an HIV test.
    I wanted to see the rest of the footage when the kid kicked Anderson in the nads.

      • Oh, so it’s funnier if it’s some bleeding Haitian kid so we’re assuming he’s HIV positive? You fags are so fucking sensitive.

      • Don’t you dare call me a fag, that’s horrendous of you to insinuate that I’m a homosexual — the lowest form of life on Earth!

        Jokes aside, I have a vagina. I bet you have some snarky remarks about females? Come on, big boy!

      • Oh, and I never said anything about the Haitian kid being HIV+ or not. And even if he was, there’s pretty much zero chance of you getting infected just by touching the blood. Isn’t this common knowledge, are we stuck in 1985?

  • well, we know he sacrificed his camera to help the boy. he didn’t even think to put it down — in a area of looting and destruction. bye-bye award winning photo coverage. (hello media firestorm)
    journalistic insticts were overpassed by human instincts and i think that says a lot about him.
    well, and he was being filmed so all his footage was covered anyways…

  • ever since i saw the clip of him on The Soup talking about Heidi Montag’s live performance where she thanked God, I have been 100% on board with Anderson.
    “I really don’t think God had anything to do with this. If God had time to work on this production, if this is the best God can do, then we’re all in trouble.”

    • I think this is a clear indication that being near Anderson Cooper while cameras roll makes you much closer to death. My guess is that there’s a tape somewhere of Anderson Cooper snorkeling with Steve Irwin.

  • I don’t care what anyone says,but to go into the situation in Haiti right now,whether it be for a TV show,or simply to aid the humanitarian effort,takes a lot of balls and courage.So I would stop worrying about what a big douchebag Anderson might be/is,and thank God I don’t have to see the destruction,hear the pain,smell the death or experience the loss that those people deal with every day.

    So,kudos to everyone willing to brave that.

  • yeah, the video wasn’t that horrifying, stop wetting your goddamn panties over it. can you even begin to comprehend what isn’t being caught on film? fuck, you people are ignorant.

    • And it certainly wasn’t heroic. If Anderson Cooper wanted to do something heroic he’d wear a white shirt for a change instead of his stupid fucking black T shirt he struts around in. When he falls on a live grenade I’ll give him props for being heroic.

  • Is it scary and noble to go down there to help amidst all the chaos and death? YES.
    Is Anderson aware the cameras are on him when he pulls that kid away from the falling debris? YES
    Both things are true at the same time. In this day and age of 24/7 news and reality TV “personalities” there is sometimes no way to truly discern whether someone’s motives are pure or are nothing more than attention-seeking whorism. Rather than damn Anderson to hell for doing something “for the cameras” or campaigning for him to become a Saint for the “Noble thing he did”, what I take away from the clip is the thought “Damn, I hope that kid is OK. Maybe I should figure out a way I can help those people, or the poor ass people in my neighborhood that don’t have enough food/water, etc.”

    And NOW I’ll get off my f-ing soapbox and back to the important task of surfing all the celebrity gossip websites before I have to go back to work.

  • I understand this is an extreme situation, but if it was true that people are “instinctually” so kind and caring, this wouldn’t have even happened.

    When a disaster hits, we turn into animals. In fact, I would even say something BENEATH an animal. Animals don’t know any better. We fucking should.

  • Just seeing that little boy’s face completely covered in blood made me cry. To think he was injured not by the earthquake, but by fucking looters just makes me sick.

  • unfortunatley that kid is probably going to due. they said they dont know what happened to him after some other people took him away. i cant believe people in this world still live in such poverty.