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What Do Beloved Screen Actors Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Think About NBC?

Billy Bush scored an interview with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on last night’s Golden Globes red carpet, but the two A-listers had an agenda. After Julia got her obligatory “Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!” out of the way, Tom realized that he was being interviewed by an NBC reporter. NBC. You know, that network that’s been in the news for sucking and being jerks a lot lately. “Yeah, we got great information from another network”, says Tom. Julia took a moment to realize what he meant by that and then says “Another network? Yeah! NBC, you guys are in the toilet right now.” Bush laughed it off, but you could tell he was unprepared to be sass talked by Tom Hanks and a seemingly buzzed Julia Roberts. Pretty funny.

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  • does anyone else feel as though Julia Roberts just gets off on being Julia Roberts? She is always having a party in her own head…and just why did she get to sit next to Sir Paul?

  • She’s like that one drunk friend from college we all have that is seemingly more annoying when drunk because she thinks she is being this witty, funny pistol of a chick when really she sounds like a retard.