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Justin and Drew: Still Going Strong!

Has Drew Barrymore finally found true love?

Eh, probably not.

But she and on-again beau Justin Long were spotted spending a rainy MLK day together in Los Angeles, heading to lunch in all their indie glory. Not gonna lie, though — I’m digging Drew’s shades. They’re kind of similar to the shades that Natalie sports on Bad Girls Club, and Natalie way sucks and I think the glasses make her look like a tool, but on Drew I actually have a different opinion. They’re cute. I like you, Drew Barrymore, even if I do continue to get tips that you still do too much blow.

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    • I better hurry and get my money from him. I don’t want to end up being stiffed like I was with MJ, Britney Murphy and Q-Tip girl.

  • Love her…think they are a cute couple. Hated her GG dress…and was really annoyed with her over-the-top ‘i’m so humble that i can’t believe i’m up here’ speech. She’s been around Hollywood long enough to have been able to at least string a sentence together. Her nod to Mo’nique (sp?) was heartfelt though – but the rest of the speech – woo baby…not so much.