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Courtenay Semel Says Goodbye to Ex-Girlfriend Casey Johnson and Also She Hates Tila Tequila


Sometimes you just love somebody so much that you literally have to go on E! to bid a tearful videotaped farewell to her and then publicly blame her death on Tila Tequila. Which is exactly what Courtenay Semel did this week. Casey was literally her other half (how would that actually work, in a literal sense?) and she will never — probably — be with anyone else ever again. For the rest of her life. Ever. She will love Casey literally forever and ever. Literally. In the literal sense. Forever and ever. Not even figuratively you guys.

How can vapidity shine so brightly through grief?

Courtenay also mentions that she’s sorry she ever brought Tila Tequila into their world, “because she destroyed it.” You’ll recall, of course, that after a stormy and violent and drug-riddled relationship with Casey Johnson, which, I believe, involved one of them setting the other’s hair on fire, Courtenay started dating Tila Tequila. And then they broke up and Tila started dating Casey. And now Courtenay is on E! talking about Casey’s drug-related death and Tila’s blame in that, because obviously everyone was totally sober back when they were setting each other’s hair on fire and beating each other up, and Casey, at age 30, could never be expected to be responsible for her own physical well-being and/or sobriety.

So, ya know, this whole thing is totally insane, and it makes me super happy that I am neither rich nor famous.

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  • Tila, courtenay and jasmine… Glad im not rich either. At least Tila had the good sense, not to burn caseys hair and try and send her to jail. All took drugs, all pointing fingers. Tila seems to at least have not been a total biatch to her in her final days. The rest is anyones guess.

  • I couldn’t have said it any better “sue”!!! How can she claim love with Casey when she just said she wished she would go away in another interview prior to Casey’s death and DEFINITELY got her wish…she is calling TILA a fame whore, but she is milking it up right now, and worrying about what TILA is doing at all times…lol. LOSER/JEALOUSY…Hey Courtenay, that shit is a disease!!!! She is just mad that TILA had her love in her last days and she couldn’t get the SPOTLIGHT!!!!! so so so TRUE!!!!

  • I literally had a teacher my senior year in high school that said the world literally (and taboo) every other sentence. He would also use it incorrectly 93% of the time. My friend and I would just use that word in every sentence. I absolutely hate that word now.

    This chick is insane and I too am glad that I’m not famous. I wouldn’t mind being rich though.

  • Didn’t some other gossip site “break the news” that Casey and Tila were never engaged and had just met two weeks prior to Tila’s engagement announcement? I took that to mean that Tila and Casey were never a couple.

  • Semel is a violent disturbed woman who was spoiled rotten and pretty much paid to stay away from her family until her lezbo meltdowns and drug and alcohol problems started to embarrass her father ex Warner Bros CEO, and head of Yahoo, and her very social mother. With all that money you’d think they would buy that girl at least a chin.

    The problem I have with this is that she brutalized Casey on more than one occasion and lit her head on fire, there was some sort of payoff about that because Casey’s mother was going to sue and was pressuring the prosecutors office to press charges of attempted deadly assault or something close that would have meant prison for McChinster.

    Cortenay rhymes with hay Semel also started the whole Jasmine Lennard grand theft charges as well, so what we have learned by Cortenay fake crying to a camera is that she misses the woman she hurt and caused physical harm to is her soul mate and of course she never bothered to check on Casey her great love for days as she lay dead in her home. I’m not buying any of this but why are all of these women such attention whores? Chinny McChinster should have just shut the hell up and looked for a good surgeon, or mask, or new head. All this did was make me feel sadder for Casey and her family that this slimy person was ever in their orbit.

  • All these rich losers are beyond PATHETIC. If they think their lives of wealth and privledge are so horrible why don’t they get their spoiled asses on a plane to Haiti and see what real suffering is? These bitches have access to the best education in the world and all they can think of to do with their lives is go to parties, get high and have lesbian sex? Why do you bloggers even give these losers the time of day? Surely there is a socialite doing something for humanity out there somewhere, no?

  • ummm no one has stopped to mention that this girl’s name is Court-E-NAY
    I guess she was Literally named after some town in Canada. (couldn’t resist)

  • ok….she only said “literally” twice. not a terribly big deal. miley’s interviews are way, way worse to get through.

  • Someone needs an induction into the “overuse of the word literally” club! Who else is in the club?!

    Rachel Zoe (founding member)
    the rest of her team
    everyone in “The Hills”
    everyone in “The City”
    AND NOW… Courtenay! yay!