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What the Hell Has Heidi Montag Done to Herself?

My former employer, Gawker, posted People Magazine‘s Heidi Montag plastic surgery before and after today. She looks like an alien.

Heidi claims to be addicted to plastic surgery and had 10 procedures done in one day recently. A couple years back, Heidi was open about the work she had done to her nose and breasts and said they were quirks that had bugged her her whole life. She is 23 years old and has an entirely different face from when we first met her on Laguna Beach as Lauren Conrad’s friend from college. Addicted to plastic surgery? I’ll second that.

Heidi attributes her constant need to strive for physical perfection to– what else?– Hollywood and the pressure to be beautiful. Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past her to not realize how completely cliched and stupid that sounds, especially since she’s completely mangled her face. As Gawker pointed out, if her goal was to achieve perfection for the cameras, then leaving her face recognizable would be important. (More photos– some NSFW– available here.)

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