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Britney’s Ready to Stop Being Baby-Sat

Britney Spears was due in court today for a meeting with the commissioner who wants to check up on her progress regarding her conservatorship. Because TMZ reported the story early and the paparazzi is rabid, Britney’s meeting was cancelled. While Britney seems to be doing much better and wants to (amicably) end the conservatorship that puts her father in charge of her, no papers have been filed or requests have been made.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Jamie Spears, by the way? Clearly his influence in Britney’s life has been major the last couple of years. While she’s never going to be the Britney that we used to know, her parenting and mental health have improved greatly and her last album/tour was an overall success. Naysayers will point to the fact that it’s not normal to need your father to take control of your life and finances in your mid-20s when you’re a twice-divorced parent, but nothing about Britney’s life has been normal. If Lindsay Lohan or any other troubled young celebrity had a parent spend the time and energy on them the way Britney’s father did, they might just have the same kind of comeback.

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  • I agree. I think it is great how she has focused on her music and children over the past year. I hope she can finally be happy and fully in control of her own life

  • I don’t see why the conservatorship was extended in the first place, she complied with everything asked of her but instead it’s extended and her father gets another raise, far exceeding any money he made with his catering business. She’s a white slave right now and is forced to do things she doesn’t want to do. It’s time to let her be an adult and for her family to finally stop living off her.

    • Who said she’s being forced to do anything? Does she look like she’s under duress? I agree it’s time for her to be an adult but it should be her choice. And by all appearances she seems to be pretty okay with it.

  • Yeah- or any parent gets the kind of paycheck he did.. I think A LOT more parents would be “helping out” ..or… interfering in their childrens life.


    • Say what you want, but at least Britney is alive. It really looked like she was on the road to a horrible and untimely end before Jamie stepped in.

  • I wonder if she’s ever going to be able to be able to handle the complexities of being a global superstar. It’s not like that’s such an easy thing to do. For the short amount of time in which she had control, she destroyed her life. Her father may be a parasite, but at least he brought her back from the brink of total self destruction.

    Maybe if she has a very sane, well-balanced and responsible husband she’ll keep her life together once she’s free of her father’s control. But didn’t she dye her hair dark again recently? That seems to be a tell-tale sign with her that she’s feeling some internal, drastic change.

    Good luck to her – her kids need an adult for a mother, not a drugged-out, overgrown perpetual child.

  • What I don’t like about all of this is that he has been getting so much money for it.They PAID him for beeing what he should have been all the time:a loving,concerned parent.I actually think it’s kinda disgusting for him to take that money.It would have been something complete different if his daughter would have given all that money to him after this part of her journey is over,in a way like “thank you daddy for being there for me,here you have 20 Maseratis” or something else.But this way?

  • anonymous: in a land of sunshine and daisies, that would have happened, but if you think about it legally the conservatorship was very much a JOB and who better than her father to care for and protect her. Just because he is her father doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be compensated from giving up his career. and compared to what she makes, it’s pretty much a stipend just to keep up with her. back in the day, you heard about britney buying her mom mansions and her sister got a tv show out of her fame, but you never heard about her dad so I’m pretty sure he’s not in it for the money.

    think straight: are we living in the victorian age here? “I went directly from my father’s house to my husband’s” – henrik ibsen
    you make it seem like a strong, logical thinking man needs to think and act for the poor dolly. she needs a strong support system of PEOPLE.

    • you can’t be serious.he probably was getting money from her all the time,and even though this isn’t a “land of sunshine and daisies”,it should have been his duty as a concerned and loving PARENT to care for her.Of course it would be better if she would have had a strong support system who could have prevented something like that,but I ask you,as a person,as a maybe-parent,if you would have,seriously,taken such an amount of money from your child-it doesn’t matter in my opinion that she’s got a shitload of cash-just for doing what your supposed to.Did he even work before she had that breakdown?Anyway,this isn’t about the feminist issue you’re trying to let it look like,it’s about PARENTS taking care of their children if those children are lacking the support system mentioned by you,

  • I notice she’s got some cigarettes there. It always shocks me that these beauty infatuated celebrities smoke,knowing full well what it does to your looks.

  • She needs a neck pillow on an airplane? I figured she’d have people hired to cradle her fucking head while she rests.

  • caaaalm down. he’s not in it for the money as she is HIS DAUGHTER. bottom line. I’m sure he received money from her before all the shit went down, but when she went off her rocker, HE WAS THERE FOR HER.
    and I see your point, but in my opinion the money really doesn’t cheapen the situation. it’s just money. if i was banking like her, my parents would be taken care of too. my point is, I don’t think it’s as clear cut as my daughter is sick so if you pay me I will take care of her, but my daughter is sick and I will take care of her and i get paid to do something I would already do. you have to admit she seems to be doing much better under his care.