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Heidi Fleiss Explains Why She Looks Like Shit

If you luckily missed the latest episode of Celebrity Rehab, Heidi Fleiss opens her germ-infested trap and tells us all why she looks the way that she does: she long lived on a concoction of crystal meth, Valium and Xanax.

Fleiss claims that in her high-powered prostitution ring, it was a way of indulging in the party and taking the edge off of her high-stress proprietorship of playing Ring Around the Hoes-y.  She now admits that she’d love nothing more than to settle down with a boyfriend because the drugs make her happy, but she’s still lonely.

You’re on Celebrity Rehab, darling, not a dating game show.   And let’s be honest with ourselves.  You look like crap because you’re one gross bitch and you were born that way.  While drugs didn’t help too much, let’s not delude ourselves.

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    • agreed with you Mary- those meanies are always around aren’t they! I got one word for you- KARMA- what goes around comes around and you are racking up the bill for your mean sh*t.

  • Umm…she wasn’t born that way. When she was at trial, after she stole Alex’s book, she was pretty. She rather looks like she’s had some bad surgery and meth will totally trash what you’ve got. But – yeah – you’re a little harsh, even considering your topic. And – for the haters – I get that this is a gossip site, but this isn’t Perez Hilton, after all.

  • hmm.. bit harsh eh? I mean sure, sarcasm is fun but this is… I don’t know. I love evilbeet but even that donutface/potatohead/perez wouldn’t type that down (and I can’t stand the man so it really breaks my heart into a thousand little pieces.. sad face…)
    But hey, everyone should be able to say what they want.

      • No, it’s probably because even he might actually have some sympathy for someone battling drug addiction, unlike Sarah.

      • Battling a drug addiction is not fun. I had to battle the same shit. She used to be a very beautiful woman and after all the drugs and shit she did to her self causes all that, so to say that she was born that way is really mean. It’s not her fault you were never taught how to be polite or have feelings for people.

      • I couldn’t agree with you any more, Lucky!!! Criticism does not help an addict. It has the opposite effect! Most of the time, these addicts punish themselves and live with the guilt every day of their lives. That’s why they abuse substances/drugs. They use drugs to numb themselves. I’m not an addict myself but I have a couple in my family and attended Ala-teen Ala-non and COAA or Children Of Adult addicts. Judging, being demeaning, and condemning addicts will only worsen their disease of drug addiction.

        It’s not a choice but a disease! No child ever says, “Gee, I want to be a drug addict when I grow up!” Duhh! There are many people who believe that drug addiction is a disease, and that there is little or no choice for the one addicted. Dr. Alan I. Leshner, believes that it is a disease. (Dr. Alan I. Leshner is the chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).)

        Leshner, in his presentations to doctors and therapists, shows slides of the brain. What is seen on those slides contrast the user before addiction, and the user after addiction.

        In the early stages there might be some choice involved, but once the addiction has set in, there is no choice and the slides clearly show a dramatic change.

        Have some respect. It’s a disease, Sarah!!!

  • I don’t think it’s harsh. It’s — albeit, an exaggeration; of course she wasn’t born that way — simply cold hard truth. This woman is a plague upon society. How many young girls lives did she ruin by being The Madame? Girls that weren’t so innocent, but in the brevity of the situation could have been better directed to other life paths by someone who’d been there. This woman has also publicly admitted that she’s used abortion as a form of birth control. Get on the fucking pill, you asshole. You don’t mind popping upper-downer cocktails, a little hormone pill or even a tubal ligation wouldn’t hurt you a bit. People can say what they want. If the author thinks she’s a waste of space and has a trashed face to boot, so be it.

  • She was always ugly even when she was a madam. Sorry but thats the truth, she looks worse now but she was always hideous.

  • When I was watching Celebrity Rehab, all I could think was, “That mouth…”

    She was never gorgeous, but never this bad looking.

  • …She was actually a very attractive woman back in the late 80s/early 90s. I think it just adds more weight to her claim that drugs and partying took its’ toll on her features and emotional state.

    Surely we should be giving her props for being brutally honest, not slagging her off and calling her “Gross”. That’s just unnecessarily mean, don’t you think? It also sounds dreadfully childish.

    • I agree, she wasn’t back looking back then. Meth is no friend in the looks department, and whatever crap she’s had shot in her lips looks awful. For 44, she appears a little worn out. Sad really.

  • She’s on Celebrity Big Brother here in the UK at the moment. She seems like a really nice person and wants to leave that all behind her. Stephanie Beacham (Sable Colby from Dynasty – I didn’t know until I was told) gets on well with her – they chat a lot about her life and leaving in behind and now she’s living in Utah with exotic birds.

  • After watching that episode on Saturday night (and Jesus, what a train wreck that show is), only two words came to mind in determining what would fulfill Heidi’s need to overcome her loneliness: Dennis Rodman. May they both move out to her pad in Death Valley with all of those dirty, nasty parrots of hers that are squawking and shitting all over the place, so that they can live happily ever after, and that we never have to hear about either of these two zeros ever again. One can only hope that Dr. Drew spends as much time helping average everyday people as much as he does attending to these bunch of undeserving pathetic fuck ups.

  • I don’t understand the posters who are trying to defend this woman. If she doesn’t want to be scrutinized she can stay off fake “reality” tv and stay home. She probably can’t afford to stay home and do nothing because drugs cost alot of money. Abortions too. Call a spade a spade. She’s disgusting…

    • I’m sure you are quite a prize. You are an ass. Leave the juding up to God. I notice you put no real pic of you up so you must be ashamed of how you look as well. Fucking asshole, get a life of your own and don’t worry about someone else’s.

  • Good god, it’s not like she was child trafficking or anything. She was a Madam for a bunch of women who willingly wanted to sell their asses for money. She never forced these women to do it and she didn’t raise a pimp hand to them if they wanted out or anything. Whores are going to be whores no matter what, she was just smart enough to make a profit from it. She made a shit load of money at the time and even admitted that she was young and stupid and thought the cash would last forever. It was such a scandal at the time because A, she was a Woman running a ring of whores and B, she was supplying to men who were really wealthy or of high position.
    Yeah she is a meth-head. A lot of people are. And a lot of regular, nice people have let meth completely destroy them (looks and personality wise). I watched that documentary about her attempt at starting an all male brothal, and it showed a different side to her in my opinion. She obtained all of those birds because they belonged to this old lady she had befriended who had died and left them to her. It seemed like she hadn’t really cared for anyone until she became close with that lady and felt like she would have let her down if she didn’t take the birds in.
    Sure maybe she is a media whore like many many many people are, but I don’t think she did something so incredibly horrid to say she was born gross. That is just a stupid comment to make about anyone really. If you are born any kind of way it’s basically out of your control isn’t it?

  • I had no interest in seeing her or hearing her but after watching the first episode I’ve changed my opinion. The fact that she saved all of those birds from the woman who died really made me like her and she really does seem to be lonely. Still, her upper lip is hard to look at.

    • You should watch the documentary “Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal”. It changed the way I thought about her, also.

      The lady you talked about was actually an old madam. She lived next door and Heidi would visit her all the time, helping with the birds and other things, which I thought was nice.

      I agree with you that she seems to be truly lonely.

  • It looks like a bad combination of botched plastic surgery and drugs. When your face looks like a half melted candle, you can’t blame it all on the drugs, but then again coke bloat is a bitch.

    I mean, look at her lips! What is going on there!?

  • WTF! I used to think she was fairly attractive back in the day. I knew she’d gone down hill, but damn. That’s just unfortunate.

  • I ran into her at the Dollor Tree by my house. She lives in Pahrump but Im sure she comes to Vegas often. Her behavior and her look were amazing! i couldnt help but to follow her around the store as she just went down the isles practically throwing shit in her basket willy nilly. It was crazy…she was with some random mexican dude and his baby and drove away in a mini-van. I got behind her in line wherein she frantically bagged her own crap and was just basically pretty cracked out. She said somthing to the cashier about buying stuff for church group and toys for her birds. Super facinating! She looked absolutely nothing like the Hollywoon Madamm of yore! She was dreshed super shabby and her hair was unkept…the overblown lips where a treat though…along with the obvious meth face!

  • Relax. At least she will get a chance. Dr. Drew is great. No one is perfect. I have such an addictive personality that I’m thankful I don’t hve the drugs she has. Cut the girl a break

  • Wow!!! That’s truly one of the nastiest things I’ve ever read!!! Who are YOU to judge anyone, huh? You sound like a real miserable person to judge anyone in such a morally depraved way! None of us are innocent or perfect, dear! And before you judge anyone, try looking in the mirror first! He who has not sinned may cast the first stone! I commend Heidi for the courage and strength to get help and for supporting a man who clearly abused her! Props to you, Heidi! You go girl! Stay clean and God Bless you, sweetie!!!

  • You are an ignorant dumbass! She was at one time very beautiful. She is a drug addict, which is a medical disease. She does not need someone saying ignorant shit and downing her, what she needs is love and support. I bet your ass is fucking ugly without doing drugs. Don’t be so judgemental. That is not your job, it is god’s.

  • I feel sorry for Heidi; she is only 44 and looks 64. However, we all make choices, and she chose poorly. But I’ve chosen poorly too, in different ways.

    Let’s all pray for these addicts, not judge them.

  • i don’t care what anybody says, she’s a very hot & attractive lady. she’s got one of if not the sexiest, most kissable mouth of anyone i know. the only thing i don’t like, if it’s true, is that she used abortion as birth control. but i can forgive that. u can’t tell what she looks like by that photo if she’s looking down. she looks like she’s not wearing makeup which is just fine by me. i would love to meet her someday

  • the sexiest, most kissable mouth??? you must be INSANE! she used to look great in her hay day but she messed her mouth up with too many injections…plus the meth just makes her look even worse…i hope she gets clean but she’s a hideous person now–inside AND outside!

  • if u r talking about the photo posted here, the only thing that looks a little weird is her lips. other than that, she looks terrific albeit unkempt. show me a photo that proves your point. & how do u know she’s hideous on the inside. do u know her personally, or r u going by the gossip u read & hear? or is it just cuz she was a madame? give me a break!

    • r u really the heidi fleiss in the photo? tell me what dating show u were on & what u told your date u were looking for. if it is u in the photo posted here, u look beautiful, especially your eyes which i’ve always admired.

    • If this is Heidi….your not shit! Your a hurt person and have great strength to overcome this and be the beautiful woman that you really are.

    • Heidi- I wish you the best and hope you stay stong and pay no attention to the ignorant people that feel they can pass judgement on others. Your a beautiful woman and I think you will make it. You do seem to have a stubborn streak…use that as a tool to get past this disease. I wish you a happy beautiful life filled with confendence and joy!

  • No, you’re NOT, honey! I know it’s not easy for you but please try to stay positive and stay in treatment. There’s many people who have been where you are today. Everyone has something special about themselves and I know you’re special and mean a lot to many people! My family and I are pulling for you, girl!!! And many, many others are too! Sometimes. You just have to stay in counseling to find out what your talents are, and give yourself a reason to love yourself again! If you don’t learn to love yourself, you can not hope to ever be truly loved. Try to stay in treatment and focus on the positive. Learn to love yourself again! YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY WORTH LOVING AND MANY PEOPLE TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU!!! I hope and pray that you work on your self-esteem. I had to learn to love myself again and it isn’t always easy when you’ve been through physical and psychological abuse! But I did it and I know you have it in you to do it too! My own father recovered from Methadone addiction after being badly addicted for over twenty years! So, there is hope! My father thought some people would NEVER ever forgive him for all the mean and extremely hurtful things he’s done and guess what? They all eventually did! They just didn’t want to see him hurting himself anymore! I have faith in you, Heidi! Please, don’t read nasty tabloid trash here or anywhere else. Mean and negative people only seek to bring you down to their level and they will if YOU LET THEM! PLEASE DON’T!!! Keep your chin up, girl! And PLEASE do your very best to make 12 step meetings and stay clean! We’re all pulling for you, girl! I also wanted you to know: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! You just need to believe it whole heartedly!!! If it really was you that posted the previous comment, please don’t think so negatively. There are people that love and care about you and my family is pulling for you and all the others in Dr. Drew’s Sober House! Hang in there, Heidi! There IS LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!! If you need someone there for you, please call your sponsor! If you don’t have one, please go to the nearest NA meeting and ask for one! They’ve been where you’re at and are there to help! Stay strong and know in your heart that there ARE GOOD PEOPLE in the world that honestly DO CARE ABOUT YOU!!! XOXOXO (BIG HUGS!!!)

  • My husband and I feel for her so much. She is so lonely and in such pain. People that attack her are really insensitive and cruel. She needs good friends and a good man and my husband and I always say we wish we could befriend her and show her what true caring is all about.
    Heidi, keep going with your rehab. Dont give up. as Perry says here, you are beautiful, you really are and we know you are a kind and loving person.

    we love you Heidi, take care.

  • Drug addiction is the worst thing to get through alone. She may have made some bad choices in her past, but im glad to see her in rehab and wish her the very best. She is a hurt and very confussed person that needs support and encouragement. I to have battled addiction and glad I made it to the other side of this addiction, but currently am watching someone I love dearly battle the same addiction. Instead of making comments about a person you do not actually know, maybe a few words of support. Yes, she has had a hard life, but why cant you wish her well to have the 2nd half of her life healthy and happy. As far as how she looks…..we have all had better days but dont have our worst days all over tv and the internet. She already appears to be struggling with her recovery. Do you think making her feel worse is going to be of any help to her? Lets just all pray she makes it past this part of her life and moves forward. She needs more love and support now then ever. And if you look….she is a pretty lady, under all her anger and confusion lies addiction. Heidi is a human being with strength and weaknesses. Lets hope she overcomes her weakness with people that love and care about her by her side. I hope to see a picture of her health, sober and beautiful. Who are we to judge her mistakes? Heidi, your in my prays!

  • Aww, Mike. Please, if this is really Mike Starr who left the last message, and you are following the comments here, please call Dr. Drew or Will. I know that getting off Methadone is extremely hard! My father was on methadone for many, many years in order to keep him off heroin. But my father ended up abusing the methadone as well. All methadone does is replace one addiction with another, and it negatively affected my father’s personality. My dad called methadone “liquid handcuffs.” It was extremely hard for my dad to get off of methadone. The suboxone didn’t help him much with his withdrawals. When my dad was in rehab, he told me that most of his doctors didn’t realize how long the withdrawals last for. Dr. Drew knows this fact but I honestly think he should have kept you on the suboxone longer for your painful withdrawals. I think Dr. Drew really cares about you, and would want to know about any relapses so he can help you. But if you feel like you’d rather get suboxone treatment with another doctor, you should call one. You should talk to Dr. Drew or call another doctor in your area. It couldn’t hurt to get another opinion from another doctor. Two opinions are sometimes better than one. I just wouldn’t recommend staying on the suboxone after the withdrawals are gone. You wouldn’t want to replace one drug for another. When my father was in rehab, he felt dope sick, and didn’t feel like himself for six months but he overcame it! His doctor had him detox for several months. He was also prescribed suboxone for his withdrawals for at least four months. My father eventually got clean and sober for himself and for his family. He looked so much better sober and became the father I always wanted! My father is also a musician (guitarist and was in a popular band that almost made it). When I was little, my father taught me how to play bass. I’m so proud of him!!! I know it wasn’t easy for him to get clean and I know it’s not easy for you, Mike especially when you are feeling as sick as you are! But there are so many people who care about you, and I think your one talented bass player! I know this because I’ve played my Fender Jazz bass for many, many years. I think you’re a pretty cool guy on the inside! I know you can do this, Mike! We’re all pulling for you, and I will continue to pray for your sobriety and serenity! So, you fell off the wagon. . .relapses happen. But you can get back on it! Do it for yourself, your friends, family members, and fans who love you! I tragically lost my dad last year because of heart failure. But I will never, ever forget the last days we had together! He hugged me and begged me for forgiveness, and I forgave him for everything whole-heartedly. If I had the heart to forgive my father for all the terrible things he put me and my family through, I know others can forgive the addicts that hurt them. I know you are a genuinely good guy! I’m so proud of my father for getting clean and sober only one year before he passed! The time we had together is very precious to me. But I know, Mike. . .if my dad could get off methadone and drugs, after so many relapses and after so many failed rehab attempts, I know you could do it too! Just keep the faith, Mike! If you are reading this, pick up the phone, and call Dr. Drew right now, pleeease! I know you could do this! You just have to want it bad enough! You can live a good life without drugs. My father did and I wasn’t sure he ever could. He made me so very proud of him because he fought his inner demons and won! Make everyone that loves you and your fans proud, Mike! Please, do your best to get sober. There’s just too many people that would be devastated to lose you! Drugs have claimed too many lives, the lives of so many talented people. Don’t be another tragic statistic. Make Nancy McCallum proud of you by working the steps, staying sober, and by taking it one day at a time. You can do this, Mike. We have faith in you, man! My family and I will remember you in our prayers! Just pick up that phone and call Dr. Drew or Will! They care about you too and will care for you! Or call another doctor that specializes in drug addiction. Hang in there, Mike! (((BIG HUGS)))

  • Why would you say that?
    Heidi Fleiss has been though a rough patch and heres a question for you.
    If you went through as much as she did, would you want people talking shit about you on the net? I say your the gross bitch!
    I hate people like you!

  • I do not agree with this statement. Hiedi Fliess is a highly intelligent person that she was wrongfully treated. This is something that has been going on for ever especially by males but they were not cuaght. Keep in mind of the success that she achieved. It is unfortunate that she is in the position that she is in now but am sure she can snap out and will come back. Once a success always a success. Just had a misfortunate stumble. I would love to speak to her and get view on life. Good luck Hiedi

  • don’t ever bash someone for being a drug addict until you’re in their shoes. the last thing an addict needs is for someone to put them down, to make them feel even worse than they already do about themselves. no one wants to be addicted even if they say they are happy with their lifestyle. you don’t know what made heidi begin doing drugs. you don’t know what troubles and insecurities she carries within herself. you don’t know what traumas she may have went through as a child. imagine if you had a problem whether it be drugs, anorexia, bulimia, morbid obesity, self-mutilating, or whatever else… would you want someone to say you’re worthless? NO, you would NOT. instead, you would want their support and help through your rough time. so, before you act all high and mighty, take a second to look at the big picture. the attitude you have is not a healthy way to live your life.

  • Her mouth looks like that from suckin so much penis. That’s why her lips are all flat and mouth is stretched out.
    This is probably an old thread but I stumbled upon it when I googled Heidi fleiss is ugly.
    She has such a bad attitude cause there isn’t anything sexual she hasn’t done and she has swallowed enough semen to outweigh her blood level.

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